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Project Brief

Vincent Flooring were referred to us from an existing customer as they needed help with their website. When we saw them, they had a basic HTML website that was difficult to update. We were asked to produce a professional redesign that gave focus to new and existing areas of the website along with the ability for their team to update the website.

When building the new website we noted down a lot of issues including duplicate content and the fact their website was not mobile friendly. As part of the redevelopment we sorted out the issues, rewrote the content and made the website so the client could update this.


The website was poorly built, had duplicate content throughout and the company could not update the content. The SEO company they hired had stuffed keywords at the bottom of the page and the website had minimal visibility in the search results. There was no visitor tracking on the website so the owner didn’t know what marketing saw a return on investment.

We had several meetings with the owner to discuss what he wanted to achieve from the new website. We did competitor analysis and produced a professional redesign that showcased their products & recent installations. We did an SEO Audit of their old website to see what issues prevented them from ranking and those were fixed in the new website.

WordPress Website Development

We developed a WordPress website for Vincent Flooring as this allowed us to setup users for every member of the team, so the company could see a history of content changes throughout the team. As part of the re-development, we introduced a recent installation section so Vincent Flooring could showcase their carpet and flooring installations to prospect customers.

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Soon after launching the new website we started to see more enquires coming through the website. Before we worked on the site they were only being found online if you typed in the company name. Since the new website went live the company have seen over 200,000 visits to their website from search engines, which is a fantastic result. The new website has seen an increase in how long prospect customers stay on the site and traffic to their website has been greatly increased.


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We should have some really nice projects to show off by the end of the month. We have been meaning to get some new jobs over to you but the work load in the office is manic! Seems to be a good number of enquires coming through so that’s good!
Jon Darvill

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