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Project Brief

Rugmart is a company that specialises in Persian, Modern and Contemporary as well as Handmade and Traditional Rugs. Our services were recommended by an existing client to Rugmart, who needed help with their website.

We were tasked with redesigning their website and building a new website that worked well across on all types of device (PC, Tablet and Mobile Phones). The new E-Commerce website was launched successfully and we were asked to help with their Website Optimisation. We built in an “Enquire About This Rug” feature to the image galleries, which saw a massive increase in enquiries.

Over the coming months we fixed on-page and off-page SEO issues, improved the website content & monitored the position of their website in the search engines. Since the new website was launched, customer enquiries have increased significantly and visitors looking at the website on handheld devices are staying on the site for longer.


The SEO campaign saw over 20,000 visits (113% increase) from search engines to the website, which resulted in more shop visits, calls and sales. Our copywriters improved the content of the key pages and visitors stayed on the website for longer. We helped write blog posts that helped customers choose the perfect rug.

Ranking 1st

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Increased Visits in 1st Year

Client Review

“Lacey Tech Solutions have recently taken over our PPC Campaign and have helped lower our costs per click but improving the overall impressions and clicks. They have removed keywords which were not performing or irrelevant to our Business. They made changes to several under performing campaigns and the quality of enquiries we are getting now has improved massively. We would definitely recommend Lacey Tech Solutions for PPC requirements as well as all other aspects of Website management”

Romin Kumar, Rugmart

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