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Project Brief

Lockrite Security contacted us to help them with their website after having a bad experience with a local development company. We helped them redevelop their website from Joomla to WordPress and fixed a long list of issues that were affecting the website.

Their main aim was to improve their website visibility and rankings within the search engines for their products and services. We performed an in-depth SEO Website Audit, which showed that most pages lacked key On-Page ranking factors. Once we knew what needed to be fixed we worked with Lockrite to fix the issues over a 12 month period.

In mid 2013, Lockrite Security invested in a mobile-friendly website redesign, which has helped them outrank their competitors and provide an improved user experience on handheld devices.


When we first started working on Lockrite Security’s website we noticed a range of serious issues that were harming their position in search engines. Their website was originally developed using Joomla but we migrated them across to WordPress as this was easier to use and could scale as the business grew.

With any new SEO campaign, we performed an SEO audit to assess the strengths and weaknesses of their website. When we knew what could be improved, we planned out the development road-map for the website so we could fix issues that were outlined in the website audit.

Local Crime App

In 2016 we approached Lockrite with an idea that would set them apart from their competition. We designed a Local Crime App that would allow visitors to enter their location and get information on what crime had been reported within a certain radius of their location.

Customers could get updated reports on crime in their area with a radial search using Google Maps. The system automatically updated when new data was published by the police government website.

Due to the amount of data required for the crime in the UK, Lockrite decided to only cover Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire crime data. The performance of the web app is good and we created static tables of data that get updated on a schedule. This was an effective way to improve the performance.


Since helping Lockrite Security with their SEO campaign, their website has received over 30,000 visits from search engines. In the last year Lockrite Security 88% of their monthly traffic comes from search engines. Visits from Google and Bing resulted in visitors staying on the site for well over 5 minutes.

1st Ranking

140 Keywords

4.5 Increase

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We have had a great service from Ben, who we have found to be honest & trustworthy. We will always recommend Lacey Tech solutions, as they have gained great results.
Phil Stockham – Lockrite Security

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