ECS Chauffeur
Website Design and Development

Project Brief

ECS Chauffeur came to us as they needed help improving their WordPress website. As this client is in the Chauffeur industry, the website had to look professional to land new clients.

We had recreated the client’s logo as they only had low quality JPEG images. This meant that we could not overlay the logo on top of an image. When the logo was recreated we used solid colour instead of a gradient and this made the logo look more professional.


Issues with the website:

  • Slow to load on mobile devices over WiFi and 3G Mobile Internet
  • The font used on the website wasn’t a good fit for the client’s industry
  • There was no blog where new content could be added to highlight why people travel with a chauffeur
  • There were broken links throughout the website and the average length of content per page was less than 300 words
  • The companies branding colours were not properly utilised within the web page design

Content Writing

In order for the new website to be found online we suggested rewriting the service pages so they had 750 words minimum. This allowed us to go into more detail about how a chauffeur would be beneficial. We found nice high quality images to use throughout the content. To improve visitor navigation we included links to all the other services in the sidebar, and showed the current service with a gold background.

Chauffeur Events

In order to improve online visibility for our client, we added an events section with various categories. Our aim was to appear in the search results for local events. We included wedding shows, business events and family events.

Listing business conferences allowed our client to appear on page 1 of Google for “business chauffeur services” and “{event name} chauffeur”. If people heard about a conference they would search for the event on search engines to more details. 

When you are listed on page 1 there is a higher chance that business owners would book his chauffeur services. The events bought in a decent amount of traffic not long after we launched the new website, with over 10 position 1 rankings within 3 months.

Destination Planner

To help add value to ECS Chauffeur, we thought it would be a great idea to create a destination planner. This would be sent out to customers when their deposit had been received. The overview of the process is as follows:

  • The visitor would send a booking request using a form on the website. Their enquiry information would be stored in Google Sheets and a booking ID is generated. This contained letters and numbers at random to ensure someone couldn’t access different booking details. An email is automatically sent to the prospect letting them know what the next steps are.
  • We coded up a custom function using Google Apps Script that calculates the miles between the start and end address. To save our client some time, we added a function to calculate the estimated drive time. When a new row is added to the enquiries sheet, we do a lookup to see what vehicle would be needed and what the cost per mile is. This allows us to calculate a rough price by multiplying the total miles by the price per mile for the vehicle.
  • If the enquiry has a large number of passengers, we work out how many vehicles will be needed. The price is then recalculated based on the number of vehicles and the price per mile.
  • When ECS Chauffeur updates the rows status to “Deposit Received”, an email is sent to the customer giving them information about the destination planner.

What Does The Destination Planner Do?

The destination planner allows the customer to see details of their trip along with a list of local places. The places are listed in a table with the name, description, distance from their destination and a booking link. They can click a button and that location is added to their booking.

Our reason for building this tool was to increase the number of bookings and revenue per client. Making it easy to book multiple things on different days was our top priority. The destination planner can only be accessed if a valid code is included in the website URL. By locking it down to only being accessible 1 week before the booking date helps to protect access to the data.

Pay Per Click Management

  • Set up PPC tracking and goals
  • Display ad design and build
  • Text ads creation and monitoring
  • Keyword targeting
  • Location targeting
  • Audience targeting
  • Performance reviews

Client Review

“I was having problems with my website and needed help to sort things out. Lacey Tech Solutions were recommended to me from a friend. Since talking with them, they have been really helpful and given me lots of great advice. My domain name was controlled by the previous developer and Lacey Tech helped me transfer ownership so I could manage my domain. Ben recommended that we shorten the domain as it was really long and the process went smoothly without any issues. They assisted with setting up the new domain and emails, which helped a lot. Where I was messed around by my previous developer it was so nice to be dealing with a professional. I have asked Lacey Tech to manage my Google Ads and they have completely overhauled the account and set this up so conversions are tracked and they rewrote the ads, which resulted in more enquiries. My new website looks great and they helped write informative content for key services pages. When the new website is launched I will be getting them to do social media, search engine optimisation and Google Ads to generate enquiries for my business. I highly recommend Lacey Tech as they clearly explain things and they have done a really good job of sorting out the mess I was in before I worked with them. Fantastic service.”

Tomasz Bednarczuk, ECS Chauffeur

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