ECS Chauffeur

Project Brief

ECS Chauffeur came to Lacey Tech to help improve their business logo. Unfortunately, when he had the logo made, he was not given the Adobe Illustrator file to make future edits, hence making changes to the current logo difficult.

We drew up plans with a set brief to redesign the logo and make it customisable for future reference, we kept in mind that the logo would be used on the business’ website, advertising platforms, social media profiles and printed documents. We liked the original logo and wanted to ensure we kept some concepts within the logo but knew that new changes will make the logo a much more desirable concept

ECS Chauffeur Logo - Farnham - Remastered Logo Removing Gradients and Using Flat Design
This is the remastered version of the logo, removing old style gradients and using flat design


Some changes we made were:

  • Ensure the logo was maximum quality and customisable.
  • Changed the background of the logo, from its original gradient to a solid gold colour.
  • Change the font to suit the logo better.

With the issue being that we could not make edits to the original logo, we wanted to make the new logo at the highest quality and in a customisable format, the client wanted the logo to be 2000px by 2000px for Google Ads and we created a Vector file to enable these future edits, making it a lot easier for the client.

We also felt that the original background of the logo was unprofessional and wanted to maintain a executive look for the business by changing the colour to suit the new logo nicely.

Client Review

“My logo needed to be in high quality format, but I only had a small version of this. Lacey Tech's design team modernised my logo and recreated it so I could use this in different sizes without losing quality. It now also means that we can make edits in the future if I need to, where I couldn't before. It took about a week for them to recreate the logo, which was really fast.”

Tomasz Bednarczuk, ECS Chauffeur

Technologies Used

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop