Crime App
Logo Design

Project Brief

The client came to Lacey Tech asking to create a logo for a Crime App system. The client didn’t have a logo and was excited to see what we could come up with.

Firstly, we did some research into iconic UK police force themes. The first thing that sprang to mind was the police hard hat and baton.

The next thing we thought of was the police tape that is used at crime scenes. This may be difficult to work into the design as the details won’t look great when the logo is used in smaller form factors.


Whilst researching different possible designs for the logo, we wanted to ensure that we was using elements of policing that would be right for the business.

We originally thought of police tape that is used at crime scenes. However, this would be difficult to work into the design as the details wouldn’t look good in smaller sizes.

Doing research and engaging with the industry, we knew what would be right for the logo and the business by considering that the business would use the logo their website, as an app on smartphones, social media platforms and on documentation.

Technologies We Used


Lacey Tech built a crime app that automatically updates when police data is published. We asked them to design a logo for the website and we were really happy with the results. They captured what we wanted to show and we are in the process of getting business cards, custom email signature and letterheads designed by Lacey Tech. We look forwards to see what they come up with.
James Aldridge

When it came to crime, we thought of prison cell bars, someone wearing a balaclava, fingerprint in ink, handcuffs and a criminal having their photo taken holding up a sign.

With maps we thought of using either a Google or Bing maps screenshot with pointers, making a basic map using shapes to form a background or using just a single map pointer.

Technologies Used

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop