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Project Brief

The website needed a full site review to iron out all the problems outlined above. The on-page SEO issues were addressed when rewriting the content and porting over the customers product range to the new system. I added Google rich snippets to the product pages to change how these pages were shown in the search results. Since the website was launched we have seen an increase in click-through’s from the search results.


  • Duplicate meta titles and descriptions throughout the site
  • Sitewide duplicate content issues (due to having one page per product variation)
  • Duplicate h1 tags throughout the site, which the client had no control over
  • Bad URL structure – there were uppercase, lowercase, duplicate hyphens and numbers in a lot of the URLs
  • Social sharing buttons were added to the site (as images) but when clicked they did nothing
  • The client reported that the E-Commerce payment processing was unreliable
  • The content management system used to power the website was very limited
  • The website kept having excessive periods of downtime

E-Commerce Website using WordPress

The client wanted to keep the news section of his existing website so it was agreed that we would use the WordPress framework as this is one of the best blogging and content management systems currently in use. It was agreed that we would use the WooCommerce plugin to provide E-Commerce functionality within WordPress.

The old website listed each product variation as its own page, which was causing duplicate content issues so I advised that we have one page per product and allow the visitor to choose their choice of colour from a single product page.

When we started the business we made the decision to use the web to introduce our range of cancer head wear. We visited our chosen web company to discuss and create a bespoke website and after various meetings the day arrived to launch our website. Naturally we were excited in the anticipation of selling our head wear, but within a few months our enthusiasm vanished. We experienced more and more problems such as conflicts between different products, the inability to choose products by colour and we had major problems with the buying process.

Our frustrations continued and thankfully one of our friends suggested we should talk to Lacey Tech Solutions. After speaking to them, it became apparent that a quick fix on the existing website would be impossible. Therefore it was decided that a new website would be built. It meant that Cosifit had to make a new investment but the new website would be created and formulated correctly so we could move forward with confidence.

Since the new website went live it has performed efficiently with the minimum of downtime and sales are rising, so too our rankings with the search engines. If you are planning to have your own website I would recommend you speak to Lacey Tech Solutions first as it could save you money and heartache in the long run.
Paul Ayto

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