WordPress Security Audit

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A WordPress Security Audit is essential if you want to minimise the risk of your website being hacked. We have used WordPress since version 1, and we have helped business owners keep their websites safe.

The security of your website should be paramount, especially if you sell products online. Members of our team have trained to become ethical hackers, giving them knowledge of how a website could be compromised.

Armed with this knowledge and our extensive WordPress knowledge, we can audit your website and find potential vulnerabilities. There are a number of WordPress security audit tools available and we use some of them during the analysis phase.

What’s included in a WordPress Security Audit?

  • We analyse your website against WordPress security best practices to see what could be improved
  • We review your WordPress plugins and ensure the files have not been modified. This often means downloading the plugin files from the WordPress repository
  • User passwords are often reset and we set up a password strength monitor to enforce complex passwords
  • Looking through server log files often reveals hack attempts so we can protect your website
  • We include a list of security recommendations, tips and advice to improve security
  • Check for Malware, Spyware and Viruses that may have been uploaded to your website
  • Review the code used by your theme to see if there are any potential vulnerabilities. Themes can be built by developers of all competencies, but many don’t check their theme for security issues
  • We provide a WordPress backup plugin so you can make backup copies of your website. These can often be vital when restoring a hacked website. We’ve seen hackers delete entire websites and others who add code to the website to stop search engines indexing your content.

It can be difficult to know if your website has been compromised or hacked. This is because WordPress hackers are clever and often hide modifications from showing on the website.

If a hacker has successfully compromised your website, they are able to create new files. These files can often be used to give them elevated access to the website or provide a backdoor that enables them to regain access. In our career as WordPress developers we’ve seen thousands of hack attempts and cleaned up numerous hacked sites. Learning how an attacker gained access is vital to ensure the security hole is patched to prevent further abuse.

Our Security Audit Guide includes everything you need to harden the security of your web site. Our WordPress security experts follow the latest news and get updates on security vulnerabilities. We can then put in additional security measures or deactivate the plugin while the issue is being investigated.

It would be wise to schedule in a yearly security review of your website to make sure it is secure. As a website owner it is down to you to secure personal information and having an audit helps to show compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations).

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