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Here at Lacey Tech Solutions, we specialise in WordPress Security and WordPress Hack Recovery. Unfortunately, as every year goes by, hacking is only increasing online and this effects many sites across the internet regardless of how big or small the business is. WordPress hacks can affect anyone’s website and can happen at any given moment.

Managing Director, Ben is a certified ethical hacker, with expert knowledge of assessing the security of computer systems as well as identifying the vulnerabilities of a website that could lead to a hack. Ben has also been working with WordPress since its first version went live in January 2004.

Ultimately, we want to ensure your website is as safe as possible and by identifying weaknesses or vulnerabilities in your website it could avoid your website being the target of a major hack. Additionally, we provide website maintenance as a separate service to provide the highest quality update on how your website is performing and managing on a monthly basis.

Why Do They Hack Websites?

A lot of questions float about online about why people hack websites, and there are many answers to this question. Although you can’t pinpoint exact answers, some reasoning behind this is;

  • Accessing Personal Data
  • Causing Disruption to your Site
  • Stealing Money
  • Just Having Fun

The hacking industry continues to expand with these reasons being behind people interest into wanting to become a hacker. It is said that on average every 39 seconds a website is attacked by hackers, and with this recent growth it’s important you get your site secured with Lacey Tech to ensure you have the best possible chance of hacking avoidance.

Vulnerabilities Within Your Site

Vulnerabilities in your website give hackers the much-needed intent and access to your site. So, identifying vulnerabilities is key to your website’s security. We have a team here at Lacey Tech that dedicate to ensure we can ethically identify weaknesses within your site.

Some common vulnerabilities in websites can be;

  • WordPress Plugins – There are over 43,000 plugins on WordPress, but not all can be trusted.
  • SQL Injections – This is done by the hacker injecting code into a computer program.
  • Cross Site Scripting – Similar to SQL Injection, this is another code injection type hack.
  • Security Misconfiguration – A component of web application can be subjected to security threats due to insecure configuration.
  • Cross-Site Request Forgery – A hacker tricks an authorised user of a website to perform an unwanted action, like a password change, etc.
  • Insecure Direct Object References – When a reference to an internal object is exposed by developers, this object can be a file, directory or database.

By identifying issues that come directly from these vulnerabilities and securing your website to the best it possibly can, it ensures that you avoid multiple hacks and possible data leaks.

Different Types of Website Attacks

It’s important to know why the hacker is targeting your website. There are many different types of website attacks that different hackers attempt to achieve. The main attacks are;

  • Malware Attack – A hacker will use malicious software that is installed on someone else’s device to gain access to personal information or to damage the website.
  • Password Attack – A hacker will attempt to use a program to expose active passwords on your website.
  • SQL Injection Attack – This is done by the hacker injecting code into a computer program.

Any website is vulnerable to these attacks with the incorrect security on your website. Its vital that your security is regularly optimised and updated to ensure it is secured. We help with this at Lacey Tech with our Website Maintenance plans that effectively ensure your website is kept safe and updated on a monthly basis.

It’s important that you keep your website safe with our WordPress Hack Recovery and ensure that a hack will not happen again to your website, we will instantly reduce the chances with our security systems to ensure that your website will come out of this hack stronger than before.

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