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A Google Ads Audit is essential for anyone running paid advertising and is failing to get results. If you have a limited budget, you need to ensure every campaign is at peak performance. We review your account and produce a thorough report that includes our findings and recommendations for improvement.

You should always audit your account if you see a drop in conversions and overall performance. We recommend you install the Google Ads app for Android or iOS so you can periodically check the account. A well managed account is crucial if you want to see success from Google Ads.

What Is Included In Your Google Ads Audit?

  • We schedule in a 45 minute Skype call or phone call to discuss your goals. This will act as our compass when reviewing the campaigns
  • Check that goals are set up and linked to your Google Ads account so conversions are tracked
  • Review key pages on your website and ensure the necessary tracking is set up and linked to Google Ads
  • We always check Ad accounts for wasted spend and higher than average cost per click (CPC) bids
  • You should have at least 3 different Ad Types for each Ad Group and the ad rotation should be set up
  • Your local competitors are not necessarily the same as your online competitors. Our team will review other Google Ads that are being run by your competitors
  • Ad Targeting is something that is often missed out and the cause for wasted budget. Consumers want to find local companies, so we recommend restricting the ads so they are shown to local consumers
  • Not all keywords are created equal, some will cost pennies, while others will cost a fortune. Striking the right balance is key if you want to get the most out of your marketing budget
  • Are you using all the features Google Ads can provide? We check your ad campaigns to see if we can make your ads better using extensions

All of our findings are written in a document along with recommended improvements. When the audit is complete, we schedule another 30-45 minute call to go through our findings. We want to make sure you understand the report and be able to ask any follow-up questions.

With a comprehensive Google Ads Audit we can find ways to improve PPC performance and get better results for your campaigns. The audit report will show areas that need improvement along with a detailed checklist of considerations.

Our Google PPC audits are aimed at small businesses who typically have limited budgets. Small business owners often can’t afford PPC audit tools, keyword analysers and competitor review software. Let us manage your Google Ads account so you can focus on running your business without the stress of wondering how to land that next client.

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