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Advertising on Facebook are easy to set up but can be challenging to get a return on your Ad spend. Our team provide Facebook Ads management where we manage your campaigns and optimise your ads to get the best results.

Business owners often need the help of a specialist agency as they don’t have enough time to manage their campaigns effectively. We’ve seen business owners who set up Facebook Ads and don’t update them – wasting money and not getting results!

What Does a Facebook Ads Audit Include?

  • We will review 15 – 20 Facebook Ads and 2 landing pages. If you need us to review more ads or landing pages then you can add that to your order
  • The aim of the audit is to help highlight opportunities to make your marketing budget go further and avoid wasted ad spend
  • We analyse your campaigns to make sure they are well structured and organised. Doing this can really save time and it makes managing the account much easier
  • Looking a bit deeper into the ads themselves can be a good way to discover trends, wasted budget and missed opportunities
  • There are many different advertising strategies that are proven to generate sales and drive traffic to your website. Clearly defining your goals for each campaign makes it easier to track and improve on the results
  • In the Facebook Campaign Audit Report we highlight areas where you are doing well along with our recommendations for improvement
  • Using the right keywords and boosting the right posts can really help widen your target audience and following. We show you what keywords would be good to include in your campaigns

Facebook Ad Formats

As part of the audit we look at the ad formats you are using and make recommendations. There are several different ad formats such as Video, Photo, Slideshow, Carousel, Dynamic Product Ads and Lead Form Ads. Using the right Ad format based on your goal is particularly important as some ad formats are designed for specific use cases.

Facebook and Instagram Ads

Facebook also own the social media platform Instagram, which opens up your digital advertising potential. Businesses can grow their audience by showing their Facebook Ads on Instagram as well. Part of the audit looks at your website to make sure the Facebook conversion tracking is working correctly. We see a lot of small businesses marketing on Facebook but they fail to track conversions. This means you never know if you’re making profits from your marketing.

Facebook Ad Campaign Example Results
Facebook Ad Campaign Example Results

We also review the pages that are linked to your Ads to ensure your marketing message is consistent. Ad budgets can be wasted if the landing pages are not optimised or closely related to your Ad. Our marketing team can review the ad impressions, clicks, click-through rate (CTR), conversions and conversion rates. Doing this can give us a clear picture of how well your campaign is performing.

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