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Content writing is a hugely important aspect to any website or social platform. It gives you the content your website needs to portray a service or product and describes them to ensure you have the best possible outcome to ensure your businesses success.

Content writing can be complicated for some as it can be looked at differently by others, everyone has an opinion on the way content can be written – we want to help you with this at Lacey Tech, by allowing us to take the weight off your shoulders with content writing. We will get our expert writers to source unique information regarding your product or service and portray them in the best way possible, it’ll be clear and concise, keeping website viewers informed and engaged with the content you are displaying.

It’s important to get content writing correct as you need to ensure the business audience is motivated to buy a product or service that is being described, therefore we will take a few of our employees at Lacey Tech to go over the content before publishing it, to ensure it is the best it can be for your business.

We ensure all our written content is 100% unique and that we grammar check your content fully to ensure no mistakes are made within the process of writing your content.

Content writing can vary in price depending on the amount of content you want for your page(s). We aim to write at least 600 words per page on your website to ensure the SEO of your page is fully optimised to the best of its ability to ensure your page has a higher chance of getting promoted on search engines (Google, Bing etc). This will cost an extra £75.00 to ensure you have the best chance of getting your content out there!

We have a 6 step process to ensure efficiency and quality within the content writing process.

Our process of content writing goes as follows:

  1. Research relevant topic
  2. Plan the content that we’ll write
  3. Write the first draft
  4. Send to client for review on first draft
  5. Make amendments
  6. SEO the content for publication online

Word Count

250, 500, 1,000, 1,500, 2,000

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