Website Design

Lacey Tech Solutions are pleased to have been given the award for Best Website Development & SEO Agency 2019!

Whether we are designing a website from scratch or improving an existing design, the most important aspects we consider are functionality, clarity and aesthetics.

As well as looking good, your website needs to be efficient, intuitive and engaging for your target audience. The challenge for any web designer is in striking the correct balance between all of these components. When starting a new project, time is taken to research your target group in order to deliver a fully tailored website that is best suited to your business requirements.

The average visitor spends between 3 and 5 seconds looking at a web page before deciding whether to stay or leave. It is crucial that your website if suitable for your target audience to ensure they stay on your site to find out more about your company and the services you can offer. The most effective way to achieve this is with compelling, user-focused web design.

Professional Web Design Services

Whether your website is your first online venture, or perhaps you feel that your company’s existing website has some room for improvement, our web design services are aimed at taking your website to the next level. You need only look at our web design portfolio and client testimonials to see the exceptional quality of our personally tailored web design services.

Website Redesign

We can review your website and highlight areas of improvement. We work with a number of different platforms including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Magento. Our team designs for all screen sizes and good design is essential for mobile-friendly websites.

Web Design Standards

We design websites that adhere to the latest W3C standards to ensure your website has a clean and accessible design with excellent cross-browser support. Websites that follow the strict guidelines of the W3C ensure that users with disabilities can easily use and interact with websites, making the websites accessible to all and thereby increasing the number of potential visitors and, in turn, customers.

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