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Social media is one of the most used tools for communication across the Internet. All the top social media platforms have millions of active users but how can you adapt your marketing to grow your audience and win new customers?

Social Media Features

This is how social media can help your business find its voice in the online world.

Setup Accounts

If you already have social media accounts set up then you can allow us access so we can manage your accounts for you. If you don’t have any accounts set up then we can create them for you.

Professionally Written Updates

Communicating the benefits of your services and products is not always easy, subsequently, our full-time writers produce effective posts for your business.

Brand Engagement

The key to social media is to create awareness, increase engagement and improve the conversion process. Consequently, various forms of content are published.

Product & Service Promotion

All social media campaigns are commercially driven and are designed to direct users to relevant pages within your website.

Profile Development

Social media platforms are always adding new features that allow you to do more with your profiles. We will update your profiles to make sure you’re using those new features.


We aim to build relationships with prospect customers through frequent social media updates and brief conversations with your followers.

Industry Related News

Social media is not all about selling. The focus is to build strong relationships with a variety of potential customers. Sharing industry related news is often supportive.

Reporting & Analysis

We review the performance of your campaign several times each month and report the results in an easy to read report.

Social Media Management Packages


Management of 1 social media platforms of your choice

30 unique social media updates each month
(30 updates total)

Monthly Fee:

Initial Setup Fee:


Management of 2 social media platforms of your choice

60 unique social media updates each month across all platforms (180 updates total)

Monthly Fee:

Initial Setup Fee:


Management of 3 social media platforms of your choice

90 unique social media updates each month across all platforms (270 updates total)

Monthly Fee:

Initial Setup Fee:

Why is a setup fee needed?
A setup fee is required to setup your social media profiles, review the setup of your profiles and setup the monthly tracking and reporting.

How Can Social Media Help Your Business?

Increase brand awareness and visibility

Posting on most social media platforms is entirely free and makes for an effective method of growing brand awareness organically. Anyone who follows your social media profiles will be able to see any post, any piece of news, and any images you upload. If you focus on posting share-worthy content relevant to your market, they can help spread your message even further.

Give customers better service

Customer service is the key to keeping those customers you’ve already won. Quick, effective answers to queries and problems create a much better brand reputation. With social media, you can publicly answer those questions. This means that not only does the person you’re directly interacting with see your brand’s customer friendly approach, but everyone else does, too. 71% of consumers who have a good customer service experience on social media are likely to share those experiences.

Use social media to increase website conversions

Only 2% of consumers make a purchase the first time they visit a site. Their chances of converting increases with each visit. Re-marketing tools available on some of the largest social media platforms help your messages directly reach those who have already visited your site. Hit them with a tempting offer and get them to revisit the site and you could dramatically increase your conversion rate.

Build an authentic relationship with your audience

Social media gives brands the chance to give a human voice to the business. When you’re posting every day to a growing audience of subscribers, you don’t have to fight to make every opportunity a sale. You can engage freely with customers, answer their questions, entertain them, and inform them. All of this builds a brand loyalty that can see them supporting your business for years to come.

Social media is perhaps the most important arm of any modern marketing strategy and the easiest way to reach the largest online audience. Stop neglecting your social potential and let us help your business get social.

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