What Is A Progressive Web App?

A typical question regarding a progressive web app is, what is it? They seem to be an unrecognised business software that can massively improve your business in several ways. A progressive web app is an application software delivered through the web by using common web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

It’s important to notify it’s functionalities and how it will benefit your business website, some of these functionalities include:

  • You can use the website offline
  • App-like interface
  • Regular self-updates
  • Enabling push notifications
  • Enabling user experiences
  • Full responsiveness and browser compatibility

Why You Should Consider Progressive Web Apps?

It’s important for businesses to utilise the ability of a progressive web app as it improves the website in many areas. A massive feature of a PWA is that it takes into account that not everyone has super-fast fiber optic connections. If you adapt your website to incorporate a progressive web app then it responds quickly and works in offline scenarios to provide a good user experience for everyone.

Progressive Web Apps are not made available through an ‘App Store’ as there is nothing to download. The downside to native Android or iOS apps is that you cannot share pages with someone else.

What Are The Benefits of a Web App?

The Progressive Web Apps mimic the navigation and interaction elements of a regular application. This benefits the ease of use for a visitor to the site and will benefit the navigation dramatically throughout the site if the user wants to interact or find something in particular to suit their needs.

  • Offline Mode: Allow your progressive web app to store your website page content on the users device so they can view it when offline
  • Push Notifications: You can also benefit from push notifications so new website content triggers an alert for anyone who has your PWA added to their home screen
  • Faster Website: We strip any fancy functionality out of the progressive web app to ensure every page loads fast on mobile devices
  • Brand Identity: Reinforce your companies brand with a custom app icon and loading screen before showing your content

The Progressive Web App structure is something we do at Lacey Tech, as we have a professional team on hand to cater to this element of website development. We personally recommend this across particular sites that we know it will benefit for. We have a price package dependent on the work.

Why Choose Us?

  • Over 10 years’ experience working and customising websites
  • We are trained as an ethical hacker so we can keep your website secure
  • Extensive knowledge and tools so we can build fast and feature rich websites
  • Our team can use a progressive web app so your website can be viewed when the visitor is offline