Internet Marketing

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Internet Marketing encompasses a number of services that work in alignment to help you get the most out of your website and online marketing.

How can Internet Marketing help you?

Get clear understanding of your website and target audience

Understanding your target audience is crucial if you are going to meet their needs as a company. If you know who it is you want to target as potential customers, you can help focus your online marketing efforts and get your website in front of the people you want to do business with.

It is also important that you, as a company, have a unified understanding of what you do and what services you offer – otherwise you will have a website that leaves potential customers with questions that are left unanswered. What is your company’s unique selling point (USP) and why should people choose your company over others in the area? These are both very important questions you need to answer to bring clarity to your website and marketing strategy.

Your website should not be about you

It may sound a little demoralising, but the truth is that your prospective clients and customers are not that interested in you. They are interested in what you can do for them. So step into their shoes. Meet their needs. Address their fears and concerns. Above all, point out the problems that they are facing and show how your company can provide the solutions. Then you will have a website that people will have confidence in, will recommend to others and will want to revisit.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per Click advertising features you to the top of the search engines, without spending months on search engine optimisation. Unlike most internet advertising, you only pay when someone clicks on your advert from the search engine results page. How much you pay will depend on how much competition there is amongst other advertisers competing for the same keyword phrase. With all marketing, the golden rule is to TEST and TRIAL all adverts and then measure the results.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Using Search engine optimisation means you can rise to the top of the organic search results over time without the on-going commitment of a Pay Per Click advertising campaign. Search engine optimisation encompasses Keyword Research, Copywriting, Link Building, Competitor Analysis and more. It takes time for Search Engine Optimisation to take effect, which is why it is often paired up with a Pay Per Click campaign (at least initially) to get visitors to your site.

Use Video on your website

Video production is revolutionising the Internet and those who are embracing its power are reaping the rewards. For minimal time and cost, you can turn your website into a multimedia vehicle that gives your customers the most effective direct experience of your company that is possible. If you combine video with email marketing, pay per click and advanced internet marketing, the results can be exponentially better.

Become obsessed with split-testing

All highly successful online Entrepreneurs are passionate about testing. Split-testing lets you continually test alternative versions of your web pages, to see which version converted the most customers into sales or enquiries. By continually testing variations of key pages you can boost the effectiveness of your online marketing leading to an increase of sales.

Email Automation

One of the reasons that Email Marketing is so powerful is because if you set it up properly, your entire email operation can be automated. Using auto-responders or Newsletter services gives you the control so you can decide who gets which emails and when they get them. You can even create a system where people who purchase a particular product or service receive a series of emails leading them to further purchases, for example.

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