Shopify Development

Whether Shopify or Shopify Plus is the right platform for you completely depends on your business, its products and your budget. More than 1,000,000 merchants use Shopify to run their businesses.

Shopify online stores range in size, some with 10 products and others with 1000’s. We use Shopify because it solves many E-Commerce problems and you can customise aspects to suit your needs.

Let us help your business meet your E-Commerce objectives quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption. Our Shopify developers can build custom themes or extensions for your Shopify online store.

We are able to discuss your requirements, help with the Shopify installation, handle any configuration and integrations that are needed and then provide initial training.

Our immersive discovery audit process allows you to understand where you are currently successful – and reveal areas of opportunity. We are currently experimenting with Shopify’s Theme Kit tool, which allows our developers to:

  • Upload Themes to multiple hosting locations
  • Have faster File upload & download capabilities
  • Automatically upload changed files to Shopify

“Shopify’s suite of APIs and our open-source template language, Liquid , enable you to make Shopify work the way your clients demand. And our robust developer platform lets you use the business model that works for you”


Shopify E-Commerce Discovery

We’ve put together an E-Commerce on-boarding process, which allows us to a full audit of your existing website. You get a report listing what can be done to improve key performance indicators. We deliver actionable insights to scale your business.

These audits give you a comprehensive and thorough report that details our findings. It is written in plain English and we include a glossary of terms at the back. The report will contain a list of recommendations from Development and Design, through to A/B Split-Testing and Mobile Optimisation.

Technical Audit

Your tech stack has a direct relationship with every aspect of your business. Not only can it help you to streamline internal processes and save money, it can also make or break your customer’s experience with your company and brand.

Marketing Audit

Our marketing specialists will review your current digital marketing tactics and find any areas where improvements can be made. We also provide recommendations on immediate and long-term changes, so the audit continues to offer value long after its creation. 

The marketing audit provides in-depth, on-site data analysis, reviews of paid marketing, a full SEO audit, email marketing and business/process automation review.


Why Choose Us?

  • Over 7 years’ experience working with E-Commerce platforms
  • We can migrate from one E-Commerce solution to another thanks to our purpose built tools
  • Our content writers can help write detailed and informative content for your core products
  • We can help you track and monitor your E-Commerce website if the necessary tools are integrated with your site
  • We can audit your website and recommend improvements to increase online visibility for your website, brand and product offering

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