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Having a website is important, but making sure you can be found online is essential. Our SEO services can get you found by customers in Sanhurst. Whilst your existing customers will already know your website, potential new customers may not.

They may not know you exist but may search for a product or service in Sandhurst that you don’t appear for in search engines . This is why great Search Engine Optimisation is important for websites – especially if you’re running a business.

What is Website Optimisation?

Search engine optimisation is the process of getting your website to rank higher in search engine rankings. To ensure that you are using SEO strategies as efficiently as possible can be time consuming but worth the investment. That is why we offer comprehensive SEO solutions for companies in Sandhurst and the surrounding areas.

Invest in SEO for a long-term marketing strategy

To ensure your website can always be found by potential new customers, you need to pay close attention to your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy. In order to do this successfully, you should enlist the help of an SEO strategist who can ensure that your website always reaches a prime position in internet search page results.

Without a clear strategy in place, your website will not rank highly in the search results and you will fail to attract visits to your website. Without website visits, you rely solely on offline marketing to drive your business, which has a low success rate.

What’s Included in our SEO Services?

With search engine optimisation, good content and a clear strategy, you can improve your position in the search results and get more enquiries. By having an SEO company help you, we can assist with the following.

  • Website SEO Audit
    A website SEO audit will diagnose problems with your website and highlight what can be done to improve your website for your customers and for search engines.
  • Competitor Analysis
    This is part of the core SEO work we do as we can see detailed reports on how well your competitors are doing compared to you. We can then work out a plan to improve your SEO and your rankings.
  • Monthly Reports
    We constantly monitor your SEO campaign and where your website appears in the search results. Every month you get a detailed report showing where your website ranks in line with your competitors.
  • Backlink Analysis
    A backlink is when a website links back to your website. The number of links you have pointing to your website is what helps build credibility for your domain name. Backlinks helps improve and maintain your rankings.
  • Pay Per Click
    This is when you pay Google or Bing to feature an Ad in the search results to get visitors to your website. You are only charged when a visitor clicks your Ad but this can get enquiries flowing.
  • Keyword Research
    Keyword Research is essential when writing content for your website or writing pay per click Ad text. With knowledge on what keywords to use you can ensure your content is visible to the right target audience.
  • Local SEO
    If you are a small to medium sized business, you will undoubtedly want to promote your business to customers locally. We can help improve your website and online visibility for related searches in your area.
  • Content Writing
    Our content writers can freshen up your content so it reads well and holds the attention of the reader. Our SEO team can work their magic on the content to give your site bit of boost in the rankings.

All of these highly technical tactics are used to help improve the listing position of every website that has a strong SEO company behind them. If you are not maximising your SEO potential, you can be pretty sure that your competitors are.

As complicated as all this may sound, here at Lacey Tech Solutions our SEO experts know all the very best ways to help your website fly to the top. First page rankings require almost constant monitoring and amending, which is why most small businesses don’t handle their own SEO targets productively. We understand that you are too busy running your business to have time for all of this, which is why we can increase your SEO on your behalf.

Speak to us today on 01252 518233 about how our professional SEO services. We can help to grow your business with a well planned out marketing plan with SEO at its core.

SEO Results

Below are some of our recent SEO Case Studies and the results we have achieved for our customers. Unlike other SEO agencies we openly show you our results so you can see what we can do for you.


Why Choose Us?

We are certified by Google for search engine optimisation and we have a number of successful case studies that prove what we can do. There are a lot of rogue traders out there, which is why we took the time to go through all the training required to be certified in SEO.

Most companies don’t have an action plan or a list of things that need to be done in order to get results. Each month you get reports showing you the progress of the campaign and we are only a phone call away if you have any questions.

We take the time to educate our customers and explain what everything is, why it is important, what benefits will you gain and what are the potential risks of putting off doing certain things. By educating our customers, we believe that we are helping small business owners understand the process and how online marketing works.

Give us a call on 01252 518233 to speak to our team about your SEO requirements.

Get Seen By Customers in Sandhurst with SEO

In order for your company to be seen, you would need to tell Google that you offer particular services within a particular geographical area. Google sweeps through the information provided by every website to respond to an enquiry. This process happens super fast, in 1000th of a second, so every website needs to have easily identifiable tags that the Google robots can read to understand your content.

For website owners in Sandhurst, Lacey Tech Solutions can provide some of the most successful SEO strategies available. With considerable expertise and the ability to add value to your existing SEO marketing, we can help you reach the dizzy heights of first page listings.

As a rough guide – websites that are shown on the 1st page of search results will get over 90% of clicks to their website. The remaining 10% of visitors will look for a website on page 2 or beyond but this is rare.

About Sandhurst

Sandhurst is a pretty village not too far away from the bigger towns of Camberley and Bracknell with all the facilities they have to offer. If you are a local resident, you may regularly undertake internet searches for goods and services in your area.

Let’s face it, long gone are the days of flicking through big telephone directories to find what we need, the Internet does it all for us in a matter of seconds. Here at Lacey Tech Solutions we understand that Sandhurst residents want excellent facilities close at hand. That’s why we specialise in providing local SEO services for the good people of Sandhurst and the surrounding areas.

Did you know that it is not just local residents who search for services in your area? With The Meadows shopping centre close to town, and a wealth of top quality restaurants and pubs within easy reach, visitors to the village, and those from further away also search for Sandhurst on a regular basis.

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