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To ensure your website can always be found by potential new customers, you need to pay close attention to your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy. In order to do this successfully, you should enlist the help of an SEO strategist who can ensure that your website always reaches a prime position in internet search page results.

For businesses in and around Reading, Lacey Tech Solutions has over 10 years’ experience of providing some of the most successful SEO strategies available to businesses in the area. With considerable expertise and the ability to add value to your existing SEO marketing, we can help you reach the dizzy heights of first page listings.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Having a great website is important to your business, but making sure you can be found online is equally so. Whilst it can be said that your existing customers will probably already know the name of your website and how to find you online, potential new customers in Reading may not.

In fact, they may not even know you exist but may be searching for a particular product or service in Reading that you could help them with. This is why great SEO is important to your business.

Why use SEO as part of your marketing?

In order of your company to be seen, you would need to tell Google that you offer particular services within a particular geographical area. Google sweeps through the information provided by every website to respond to an enquiry.

This process happens super fast, in 1000th of a second, so every website needs to have easily identifiable tags that the Google robots can instantly respond to. This is where your SEO strategy kicks in. Of course, there will no doubt be many, many companies that.

What’s Included in our SEO Services?

  • Website SEO Audit
    A member of our SEO team can review your website and check for problems that could be harming your position in the search results.
  • Competitor Analysis
    When trying to improve your rankings it is important to review your competitors and strategically get ahead of them in the rankings.
  • Monthly Reports
    Every month you will receive an email report showing the progress of your SEO campaign. The report shows where your website ranks in line with your competitors.
  • Backlink Analysis
    The number of links pointing to your website can improve your position in search results. It is essential to constantly review your backlinks and have a plan to build your backlinks.
  • Pay Per Click
    Paid advertising comes in many forms online, but pay per click is the most common. This is where you pay Google or Bing to show your website when people search for certain keywords.
  • Keyword Research
    Knowing what keywords are easy to rank for can help save time and money when embarking on an SEO campaign. If your website ranks for the wrong keywords you could be #1 in Google and get no enquiries.
  • Local SEO
    We can help get your website in-front of potential customers looking for your services within your target area.
  • Content Creation
    Our copywriters can help improve the content of your website so it provides value to your visitors and explains what your business can do.

SEO Results

Below are some of our recent SEO Case Studies and the results we have achieved for our customers. Unlike other SEO agencies we openly show you our results so you can see what we can do for you.


Get results from an SEO Campaign

Our SEO experts know all the very best ways to help your website fly to the top. First page rankings require almost constant monitoring and refinement. We can help you with the following areas of search engine optimisation:

  • Keyword Research
  • Backlink Analysis and Improvement
  • Guest Blogging
  • Content Creation
  • Website SEO Audits
  • Pay Per Click Audit

Call us today on 01252 518233 about how our professional SEO services can help you to grow your business in Reading.

Use SEO to get in front of customers in Reading

There are a variety of ways to help improve your current SEO, and our experienced and professional marketers can create a bespoke marketing plan to suit your own personal requirements. We perform a website SEO audit to understand how different areas can be improved upon.

Our SEO Team can tailor your website to fit the algorithms of the world’s biggest search engines to help your brand to be seen. The most common ways to help increase website rankings are made up of a series of interlinking tasks and exercises.

Keyword Research – By conducting research, we can find out what keywords people are searching for, which can help you when writing content. There is no point trying to rank for a highly competitive keyword as that is unrealistic if you have a limited budget.

Meta tags – Well written meta tags are essential if you want to rank well in search results. Meta tags are snippets of text that describe elements of the page’s content. Search engines use meta tags as one of the many factors to rank your website.

Quality Content – Unique and well written content is one of the easiest changes you can make to your website to improve your rankings. You want to make sure you break-up content with images and headings so its easy to read.

Backlinks – These are links from other websites that point to your website. Links from related websites can improve your rankings if done correctly. If you approach backlinking the wrong way you can end up doing more harm than good.

Because we have such a wealth of experience in the design and development of great looking websites, we also work hard to make sure that can be seen. Our SEO specialists will help your website reach the dizzy heights of Google rankings, to ensure that your business is the preferred choice every time.

Keeping on top of all the SEO tasks to grow your visibility is a full time commitment so it is often better to get help from qualified professionals. Our Google certified team will take the stress out of search engine strategies for your website.

About Reading

Big businesses already established in the area include BG Group, ING Direct, Microsoft, Oracle, Hibu, Prudential, Agilent Technologies, Cisco, Ericsson, Symantec and Verizon Business. Reading is also an excellent base from which to run a new start up or existing small business.

With an affluent population and plenty of investment into office space and retail units in the area, Reading could be the perfect place for your small business. If you want to promote your local business in Reading, then we can help develop a marketing strategy to meet your goals.

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