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Business owners know that having a great website is only half the battle when it comes to getting enquiries online. For your website to work hard for you, your customers need to be able to find it. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a series of functions that help your website to rise higher in search engine rankings.

To ensure that you are using SEO strategies as efficiently as possible can be time consuming but worth the investment. That is why, here at Lacey Tech Solutions we offer comprehensive SEO solutions for companies in Guildford and the surrounding areas.

Why Should You Care About SEO?

Well, think of website optimisation as a very fast-moving word association game. There are over 200 ranking factors that determine where you rank in the search results. If your website is full of interesting, unique and relevant content you will be more likely to be ranked higher in the search results.

Websites that are shown on the first page of search results will typically receive over 90% of enquiries. Only 10% of visitors will continue to look on page 2 or beyond so being on the first page really matters.

Our Google Certified SEO consultants have over 10 years’ experience in getting SEO results for business in the Guildford area. Our marketing experts understand just how important good search engine rankings are to local businesses and can help you to formulate a strategy to raise awareness for your brand.

What’s Included in our SEO Services?

  • Website SEO Audit
    A website SEO audit will diagnose problems with your website and highlight what can be done to improve your website for your customers and for search engines.
  • Competitor Analysis
    Competitor Analysis is part of the core SEO work we do as it allows us see how your website is performing in line with your competitors.
  • Monthly Reports
    We constantly monitor your SEO campaign and where your website appears in the search results. You will get a full report showing where your website ranks in line with your competitors.
  • Backlink Analysis
    Having links to your website helps build credibility for your website and this helps improve and maintain your rankings. It is important to constantly review your backlinks and disavow links that hold no value.
  • Pay Per Click
    Pay Per Click drives visitors to your website and you are only charged when a visitor clicks your Ad. We manage PPC campaigns for clients to get the best results.
  • Keyword Research
    When writing content or planning a pay per click campaign it is vital that you research your keywords to ensure your content ranks for the right keywords and is visible to the right target audience.
  • Local SEO
    If you are a small to medium sized business, you will want to promote your business to customers locally. We can help improve your website and online visibility for related searches in your area.
  • Content Writing
    Our content writers can help breathe new life into your content so it grabs attention and showcases what your business can do. Our SEO team can work their magic on the content to give your site bit of boost.

SEO Results

Below are some of our recent SEO Case Studies and the results we have achieved for our customers. Unlike other SEO agencies we openly show you our results so you can see what we can do for you.


What Does Our Website Optimisation Include?

  • We review the keyword usage on your website and verify that you are targeting the right audience
  • We review the structure of your website as you could be missing out on some easy ranking wins by amending how your website is structured
  • Website load times are essential in 2018 as mobile usage overtakes that of desktop. More consumers are finding information and shopping from their mobiles so a fast website is essential
  • With software we can track how much time your users spend on your website. This allows us to see what content is the most effective and what content needs to be improved

Give our website optimisation specialists a call on 01252 518233 to see how we can help.

Get in front of local customers

There are a variety of ways to help improve your current SEO, and our experienced and professional marketers can create a bespoke marketing plan to suit your own personal requirements. We can undertake an SEO audit of your website in the first instance to understand how different areas can be improved upon.

We can tailor your website to fit the algorithms of the world’s biggest search engines to help your brand to be seen. The most common ways to help increase SEO are made up of a series of interlinking tasks and exercises. These include:

Keywords – Our marketers can help you to understand what people are searching for when they discover your business via a search engine. Once these are identified they can be used as keywords to drive traffic to your website. Keywords can be anything from a single word to a complete phrase.

Meta tags – Good, strong meta tags are vital for successful SEO. Meta tags them-selves are Meta tags are snippets of text that describe a page’s content. Search en-gines will use these to place websites, so the better the meta tag, the higher the rank-ing.

Quality Content – Original and engaging content featuring lots of keywords and unique copy is key to raising your search engine rankings.

Backlinks – these are simply incoming links to your page. Search engines recognise quality links and reward websites with plenty of backlinks with higher rankings.

Social media – A strong social media presence sends search engines signals of in-fluence and authority. Having a Facebook or Twitter account helps to add extra value to your overall SEO strategy.

Product images – Almost as important as content, images are the next best way to raise your rankings. Visitors to Google not only search by text, but by image too. Your image file names should also include relevant keywords to help raise your SEO game.

Because we have such a wealth of experience in the design and development of great looking websites, we also work hard to make sure that can be seen. Our SEO specialists will help your website reach the dizzy heights of Google rankings, to ensure that your business is the preferred choice every time.

As you can imagine, keeping on top of all your SEO requirements is a time consuming business, and one that you alone may not be able to prioritise on your own. By handing over your SEO requirements to our experts, we can take the stress out of search engine strategies for your business.

About Guildford

Guildford is a town in the south of England with good transport links to other major towns and cities. In the centre of the town is the medieval Guildford Castle, with landscaped gardens surrounding the square tower. Guildford offers everything you could need, but should you wish to explore the area then you can easy access London and other parts of the country by rail and road.

Having been voted as the best luxury shopping destination outside of London, Guildford is the perfect place for businesses to thrive. The town is always busy and along with your high-street stores there are a number of independent shops that add character to Guildford.

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