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We understand that your web design strategy is equally as important as other elements of your marketing mix, and that getting your web design right is an important aspect for your success.

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but good web design is everywhere. The biggest difference is that whilst you may have hours to ponder over a piece in an art gallery, a website needs to capture the attention of your potential customer in just seconds.

The Website Designers at Lacey Tech Solutions are able to design a mobile-friendly website. Our web design experts have over 10 years’ experience of creating stunning websites that focus on form and function for businesses in and around Fleet.

Lacey Tech Solutions are web design specialists currently working with a wide range of clients throughout Hampshire.

What Makes Great Business Web Design?

Your website design should reflect your companies brand image so your logo, choice of colours and even the tone of voice of your content should be used within your new website design concept. We work with each client as a blank sheet of paper, and will design you a website that perfectly suits who you are.

Examples of Our Web Design Work

Below are some of our recent website design work to give you an idea of what we can do for you. We would love to work with you on your project and our team can design something even if we’ve not worked in your industry before.

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Website Design

If you have an idea for a website then our team can work with you to design your website. We cater for a wide range of industries from Health Care, Locksmiths, Photography, Bike Repairs, Rug Shops and Flooring Websites.

We take your ideas and come up with an initial design for you to review. Once we have received your feedback we can then make revisions until you are happy with the design.

Website Redesign

Taking on board the core values of your brand, we can design a website that meets your requirements. Using colours, shapes, custom fonts and professional imagery, our designs captivate the attention of your target audience.

We have worked with individuals, businesses and charities to take their ideas and build them a mobile-friendly website. Our team have worked with other website agencies to build websites based on an approved design.

Professional Web Design

Our team are both technically and creatively minded, meaning they can make you a website that looks great and functions brilliantly. Our web design services include:

  • Providing detailed web design specifications and layouts
  • Providing graphics and animations as well as being able to manipulate digital photographs
  • Designing visual imagery in line company branding policies
  • Editing content and re-designing web sites or individual pages

Our web design services encompass all aspect of the design and build process including ensuring that your website adheres to any rules or regulations that are set out within your brand guidelines. Our experienced web designers can help with a professional website.

The use of space

Your website should be a work of art, but it should never be cluttered or busy. It needs to grab the attention of your customers within seconds, and it needs to be easy to read and easy to use. Designers across all specialisms will tell you that the use of space, and layout, is vital to impressive design. Our designers appreciate the use of space between text to increase readability, large, easy to see images and an overall use of open space.

Easy to use navigation

The navigation of your site relates to how well visitors are able to find different areas of information. Menus should be easy to locate and simple to use. Most websites have a similar layout when it comes to navigation, and most users will expect to see that on every site they visit. Your menu will need to include:

  • Home Page
  • About Page
  • Information or Product Pages
  • Checkout Option (if you are selling online)
  • Contact Form

Of course, you may wish to add more pages if necessary, but your menu should not offer more than five to ten options to help keep your visitors engaged.

Call to Action

Many of the signs we see in real life, are more than just advertisements, they are a call to action. Simply put, this means they inspire the customer to do something. From the 50% off signs in your local store, to sign up options on websites, they are all drawing the customer in with the promise of something beneficial.

Your website is a gateway to action, whether you want a customer to pick up the phone and call you, or you want them to book or buy there and then, action is its key purpose.

Establish what it is you want your customers to do and then let us design the right call to action for you. From links to downloadable content, to checkouts, from “Call Now” buttons to subscription services, they all serve a purpose to different businesses.

SproutSocial has some good advice on choosing a good call to action.

“Creating a sense of urgency gets customers to take action immediately instead of holding off on the purchase.”

Your Site will need a search facility

More often than not, customers come to your site looking for something in particular. Whether this is a product to buy, or a service you provide will be down to your individual business, but it is important that they can find it quickly.

Your search facility should be easy to find, and quick to use. It should also be very fine tuned to ensure that it can find matches to most search terms, even if they are not entered in the most logical sequence of words.

Whatever web design elements your website needs, our experienced and dedicated web designers can help to create the perfect site for you. Call us to find out how we can help your Fleet business to build a great looking website today.

About Fleet

As a community, Fleet offers a good selection of arts based activities for residents and visitors to enjoy. The Harlington is a multi-purpose arts and entertainment venue in Fleet, offering entertainment and events.

A regular comedy club, live music and exhibitions are all available at The Harlington. If you are an art lover you can also enjoy the Expression Gallery, just off the main High Street. Offering a selection of candy for the eyes, the Expression Gallery is a popular retail outlet for those looking to purchase good quality pieces of art.

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