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The design, look and layout of your website is equally as important as the way that it functions. A site may offer all kinds of gadgets and gizmos, but if it looks dull and is not visually stimulating, no visitor will stay on it long enough to explore them.

Lacey Tech Solutions have over 10 years’ experience of designing fantastic looking websites that function incredibly well.  Our highly skilled design team can build you a website that instantly attracts your target audience, meaning you have a far higher chance of selling your services to them.

The way your website looks, the layout and the way it feels all blend together to make it an attractive proposition for your target audience. In order to create this, you will need to hire the skills of an experienced web designer. Our design team at Lacey Tech Solutions can design the right website for you.

As any web designer will tell you, good web design requires a lot more work than just a pretty logo and some eye-catching colours.

Call us today on 01252 518233 to speak to our design team about your project.

Web Design Examples

Below are some of our recent website design work to give you an idea of what we can do for you. We would love to work with you on your project and our team can design something even if we’ve not worked in your industry before.

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Website Design

We can use your ideas as the starting point to create a website that looks great and works on all devices. Once your feedback on our designs have been received we modify our designs to work in your changes until we reach the final design. The designs are then sent over to our website developers who will build the website. Our designs are unique to your business and a lot of time goes into the design phase as this is your strongest marketing asset.

Website Redesign

Our designer can create a website that looks good and helps visitors understand what you offer. Using colours, custom fonts, professional images and layouts, we can captivate the attention of your website visitors.

We’ve worked with businesses, individuals and charities to take their ideas and build them a mobile-friendly website. Our team have worked with other website agencies to build websites based on an approved design. We can assist you with user-friendly site navigation, quick find buttons for ease of use and full web design services, to ensure your website is visually engaging for prospect customers.

Our team work hard to help website owners, which is why we offer comprehensive web design services in and around Farnborough. We have worked within a number of industries from Health Care, Locksmiths, Photography, Bike Repairs, Rug Shops and finance.

Professional Web Design

Our team are both technically and creatively minded, meaning they can make you a website that looks great and functions brilliantly. Our web design services include:

  • Putting together detailed web designs and layouts for key sections of the website
  • Providing graphics and animations as well as being able to manipulate photographs
  • Creating images that can be shared on social media or added to your website
  • Improving the content throughout the website and re-designing key pages

Our experienced web designers can create a professional website in no time at all. Call us on 01252 518233 to discuss your project.

Professional User-Focused Website Design

Once you have identified who your target audience actually is, and have a clear picture of what they like and dislike, we can set about designing a website aimed specifically at them.  We will do this by harnessing the power of design in the following ways:

Layout & Navigation

Your website will need to be user friendly and laid out according to a visual hierarchy, which will help users navigate through it when they visit.  We will establish exactly how users are likely to use your site and then design the layout accordingly.

The layout will differ dramatically depending on who we are designing for. A site aimed at young people for example, will need a far more bright and complex layout than one designed for the older generation. Full-width layouts tend to appeal to a younger user, while a traditional layout is a safer option if your audience is a little more conservative.

Colour Scheme

In all types of design, colour is a powerful tool that can influence users moods and behaviour. We will help you to identify what type of mood you want your website to portray as well as colours that appeal to your target audience.  Again, a younger audience is more likely to be attracted to bright, bold colours schemes, whilst a more conservative user will prefer plain, simple colour schemes.


The size and style of your font helps to express the personality of your brand.  Funky, modern fonts portray humour and an easy going narrative form, whereas more traditional fonts will offer a more streamlined feel to professional sites. The size of the font is also important, as younger audiences will not have a problem reading crazy, close together sentences, but older users may.

Content Improvements

The content on your website should reflect the tone and voice of your brand.  If you are selling something high end or are a white-collar business, you will need to keep to traditional text.  If, however, you are looking to attract a younger market, you can play around with a more laid back, conversational style. Also, where possible stay away from using too much technical jargon.  You may know your business inside and out, but visitors to your site may not understand your industries buzz words and technical speak.


Nearly every kind of website benefits from the use of images, graphics and even animations.  Again, these should be suited to the likes and dislikes of your audience, as well as the nature of your business.  If you are selling clothing for example, you will need to have lots of professional images scrolling throughout your website.  If you are selling Business to business (B2B) or promoting a more professional brand, less is often more when it comes to images.

Whatever images you chose to use, they should load quickly and be captioned well. Whatever type of website design you are looking for, our professional and highly skilled web design team can help create your next website.

About Farnborough

Famous for its airshow the event takes place in July every other year at the Airfield. Much more than just an air show, it always offers a seven-day trade fair, has five exhibition halls and many demonstrations.

The flying display is the height of the show and is open to the public for the last two days.  It is well known throughout the UK and usually includes performances by the Red Arrows Display team.

Farnborough is also lucky enough to be within driving distance of popular theme park Thorpe Park and a short distance from the Windsor Castle.

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