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Your website design should attract customers and allow them to navigate quickly and easily around your site. Regardless of the nature of your Basingstoke business, the most successful of websites work around a series of design elements that your visitors have come to expect.

We have over 10 years experience of providing web design services to businesses, individuals and charities throughout the Basingstoke area. Our design team can help you improve your website for mobile devices so customers stay on your site for longer.

Great Websites Starts With Your Audience

As a local business, your website is your most important marketing asset. We know from experience that having a well designed website can make all the difference between a website that consistently under performs or one that really helps your business grow.

Interactive web design is a particular specialism that our web designers are more than qualified to assist you with. From working on a wire-frame and layout that suits your brand, to adding images and design elements that will attract your target audience – we can design it all.

As any web designer will tell you, good web design requires a lot more work than just a pretty logo and some eye-catching colours.

Web Design Examples

Below are some of our recent website design work to give you an idea of what we can do for you. We would love to work with you on your project and our team can design something even if we’ve not worked in your industry before.

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Website Design

If you have an idea for a website then our team can work with you to design your website. We cater for a wide range of industries from Health Care, Locksmiths, Photography, Bike Repairs, Rug Shops and Flooring Websites.

We use your ideas and come up with an initial design for you to review. Once we have received your feedback we can then make revisions until you are happy with the design.

Website Redesign

Taking on board the core values of your brand, we can design a website that meets your requirements. Using colours, shapes, custom fonts and professional imagery, our designs captivate the attention of your target audience.

We have worked with individuals, businesses and charities to take their ideas and build them a mobile-friendly website. Our team have worked with other website agencies to build websites based on an approved design.

We can assist you with user-friendly site navigation, quick find buttons for ease of use and full web design services, to ensure your website is visually engaging for prospect customers. Our team work hard to help local businesses thrive, which is why we offer comprehensive web design services throughout Basingstoke.

Professional Web Design

Our team are both technically and creatively minded, meaning they can make you a website that looks great and functions brilliantly. Our web design services include:

  • Providing detailed web design specifications and layouts
  • Providing graphics and animations as well as being able to manipulate digital photographs
  • Designing visual imagery in line company branding policies
  • Editing content and re-designing web sites or individual pages

Our web design services encompass all aspect of the design and build process including ensuring that your website adheres to any rules or regulations that are set out within your brand guidelines. Our experienced web designers can help with a professional website.

How can web design improve Basingstoke Businesses?

A great design draws in your customers – whatever the nature of your business, your website design should reflect your brand.  So, if you are selling lifestyle products you need a website with lots of inspirational images, whereas if you are selling financial services you will need a website with text and fewer images. Well thought out web design will work on this from the outset meaning the theme of your website is perfect for you.

Good design attracts the right target audience – just as different kinds of businesses require different aesthetics, varying types of target audience also need a variety of themes and layouts to draw them in.  Goods or services targeted at a younger market will need  up to date design elements that mirror their likes and lifestyle choices, where a more conservative audience will be attracted to a more refined layout.

Great design offers everything a visitor needs – the layout of your website is equally as important as the way it is styled.  For example,a visitor to your site will need to quickly and easily be able to find a search facility, or contact information.  They may also want to reach out to you on social media, or share your site with others.  Call to action buttons, social media tabs and site menus must all be instantly accessible to visitors, else they will get bored and leave your site. 

Professionally designed websites will last for years – a site that has been designed to include all of the elements of your business will also offer scope to grow.  We design and develop the majority of our websites using WordPress which is easy to update as and when you need to.  From adding new product stock, to adding new pages for products or services, a cleverly created web design will last for years.

About Basingstoke

Basingstoke is a beautiful town, set in the English county of Hampshire.  It is surrounded by beautiful countryside, whilst still managing to offer all of the facilities your would expect from a modern and lively town.  Visitors to Basingstoke will be greeted by the best of both worlds – modern living with the tranquillity and charm of rural life right on your doorstep.

Eastrop Park is in the heart of Basingstoke and offers acres of open space for visitors and residents to relax and unwind in. It also offers a boating lake, tree trail, trim trail, children’s play area and a paddling pool to keep the children cool on warmer days.

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