If you run a home and business security company, then one of the things that you are going to need to consider is your business website. Is it doing its job? Do you know what purpose your business website provides?

If the answer is no, then the point of your website should be to provide information on products and services to prospect customers so they don’t have to go into a store. There are a number of factors that are going to impact how well your website is going to be able to do this, and we are here to help with this! Our services help give you a professional website that can be found online to bring in sales.

Security Website Examples

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Benefits of a Professional Security Website

You might be wondering why it is important for your home and business security site to look like it has been professionally designed. Your website is going to be one of the most vital parts of your company, and that is because this is how a lot of people are going to find you.

  • If your site looks shoddy, or just like every other one on the market right now, your prospect customers won’t think there’s anything special about you. They will move on to another company straight away.
  • Poor website design is one of the most common reasons for a high bounce rate, but we can help you eliminate this problem altogether. By designing you a professional website, you are not going to have any issues keeping people interested in what you have to offer.
  • Remember that your first impression is going to be crucial, and if you don’t make a good one, you are likely not going to get a second.
  • If your website is poorly designed, it is likely going to be the case that users will have a hard time finding what they are looking for. The issue with this is that they are not going to stick around trying to figure out how your website works for longer than about a minute or two.

A poorly designed business website creates a negative perception of the business as a whole, and this is certainly not what your company needs.

About the Security Industry

The home and business security industry is booming right now, and it is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. With so many major players in this industry, it is hard to tell exactly who is coming out on top, but the number of people who are investing in security for their home or their business is showing no signs of dropping in the foreseeable future.

Security is an industry that is always going to be somewhat successful. People are always going to have things they want to protect, and companies like this can allow them to do that. As long as these businesses remember that they need a strong website to aid their business development, then there is no reason to see this market slowing down.

Security Websites

  • Introduction
    • Mention 1 or 2 possible pain points that they will agree with
    • Pivot this and say there is a better solution
    • How can we help?
  • Services – What services are best suited to this industry
  • What’s Included? – What will they get if they go with us (may overlap with services)
  • Case Studies – What results have we achieved in the past?
  • Work – What work have we done within this industry?
  • FAQs
  • Call to Action (after each section)

We understand your pain – you know you need to market your business, but you may be limited by cash flow. You want to update your website, but you’re charged every time you want to make a change. Our approach puts you in control and we are here to ensure support is available when you need it.

Helping Your Security Business

Get More Customers

Easily get more customers with a website that is setup and properly managed. Our website optimisation services can get you in front of customers who are ready to buy from you.

Sell Online or In-Person

Having a website increases your business potential. You can buy online 24/7 with no limitations and they can freely browse your website at their pace. Buying online is so much easier, with no overheads that you would have in a shop.

Easily Manage Your Website

We will manage your website to keep it updated to the best of the websites potential. We use the best servers possible to keep a constant eye on how your website is performing and suggest areas of improvement where necessary.

Flexible Payment Options

We understand as a small business that paying for a website is tough. We want to give all businesses the chance to grow. Therefore we offer different financial plans to help your business move forward.

Case Studies

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take you to build our website?

All websites vary in time depending on the amount of pages, content, SEO and development that will be needed on your website. You can see a small, low budget website be completed within 10 days, where as other websites can take up to a couple of months to complete.

Why should we choose you to build our security website?

We have a brilliant team here at Lacey Tech to ensure your website is the perfect fit for you, our bespoke website service is second to none, due to our excellent communication, brilliant expertise and friendly client support.

We work with our systems that will check and update how your business compares with other competitive websites. We have experience of crafting other security websites which you can see here.

Can the security industry sell online?

Yes of course, there are many new and innovative ways to sell online. We go through some of the core ideas within our E-books which you can find here.

What work have you done for security websites in the past?

The team at Lacey Tech have several years of experience in the development of websites, some of our examples for the security industry can be found here.

Whats your success rate for SEO in the security industry?

Our success rate with SEO is very good. Here at Lacey Tech we make sure to hit all the marks with our SEO services and go above and beyond for the client, if you want more information and results on our SEO click here.

What struggles come up within the security industry?

Within the security industry, some issues that can arise is the way your products showcase on the website and the best way the website can perform to sell those products. Here at Lacey Tech we specialise in small business and medium business websites.

Along with product selling, we think of new initiatives to help the website expand. We have worked with security websites to produce crime maps and other initiatives to promote the way the website works and how it can have a positive impact on the website viewers.

Some websites can appear to struggle in terms of the way the website is built and the standard of the SEO can lack in quality, which is why we use our updated systems to keep the websites we run to the websites highest quality function, giving the website viewers a smooth, efficient and effective website to look at.

Why should I have a website for my security business?

There are many reasons you should have a website, it expands your business potential by growing your brand out online and gives you the opportunity to take an income 24/7 with no closing times. Some of the key points to having a business website are:

1) Business Automation – not having to pay for staff to sell your products, instead your products will be showcased professionally for people to view, giving the customer an easy system of selecting and paying for items.

2) Improved customer experience – having a website makes it easy and effective for customers that are wanting to buy online. With good systematising through Lacey Tech and our SEO outreach, your customers experience will be second to none.

3) Stability – having a website gives a sense of stability to the website as its something you can invest in. Whatever you pay to have a website will come back to your business pockets within no time. Having that stability on your website is effective and will give you that primary source of income alongside other business projects.

4) Making use of Modern Technology – in today’s age, everything is going online and its time for you to go online as well, online marketing and website structuring has proved to be the most effective way of selling your products, with no added outgoings from rent and bills that you would have in a shop. Having an effective website gives you the opportunity to sell from home.