We were introduced to Rugmart as they needed a resource they could rely on to make changes to their website and help them improve their position in the search results with search engine optimisation.

In the first year we made significant improvements to the website that resulted in 24,000 additional visits to their website from search engines. We ensured that all the necessary monitoring tools were in place and we fixed a lot of errors with the website. The design was improved and we worked hard to improve the speed of the website, which resulted in people staying on the website for longer.

Initial Challenges

First we needed to do an SEO audit to see what could be improved. The SEO audit showed issues with broken links, duplicate content, insecure content, missing SEO meta data and excessive use of WordPress tags. The SEO audit report contained 15 pages of issues that were affecting their rankings in the search results.

How Did We Help?

We fixed the issues with duplicate content in WordPress, improved the content, migrated the website to SSL (https) and improved their back link profile to solidify their rankings. Our WordPress developers recoded the theme and focused on improving the speed of the website by only loading in images when they scroll into view.

What Were The Results?

The SEO campaign saw over 20,000 visits (113% increase) from search engines to the website, which resulted in more shop visits, phone calls and sales. Our copywriters improved the content of the key pages and visitors stayed on the website for longer. We helped write blog posts that helped customers choose the perfect rug.

"Wonderful SEO and other website services offered by Ben and his team. Very happy with the results of our SEO campaign from Lacey Tech Solutions."

SEO Rankings

Since working with Rugmart, we were able to significantly improve their rankings in Google and Bing. Thanks to our SEO services, Rugmart now rank number 1 for over 60 keyword searches. Below are some of the results so you can see for yourself.

When we started working with Rugmart they were not being found for searches for “Contemporary Rugs Surrey”, “Wool Rugs Surrey”, “Vintage Rugs Surrey” or “Vintage Faded Rugs” as a few examples. With the help of our SEO analysis of their website we have helped them get great results from their campaign. They are now ranking number 1 in Google and Bing for over 50 keyword searches where they previously had no search visibility.

Key Achievements

  • Over 12 months their Organic SEO traffic increased by 113%, which resulted in more enquiries, shop visits and sales
  • Thanks to our link building efforts, Rugmart’s domain authority increased from 0.6 to 1.30 beating several of their competitors
  • Our SEO campaign drove over 20,000 visits to the website from search engines
  • We were able to get their website ranking number 1 in Google and Bing for over 50 keyword searches and they have maintained their rankings over several months
  • In the first year their SEO campaign saw an increase of 24,000 visits to the website from search engines

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    About Company

    Rugmart are an oriental rug shop that is based in Guildford, Surrey. They stock over 10,000 rugs in their showroom and they are one of the largest rug shops in the South East of England. Their rugs range from Modern and Contemporary through to Persian and Handmade Rugs.