Lockrite Security

Our team have worked with Lockrite Security for a number of years improving their website and keeping it maintained. They were running a marketing campaign with another company but a few months in they were disappointed with the results and decided to look at alternatives.

We met with Lockrite Security and discussed what we could do to help them get more enquiries from their website using Search Engine Optimisation. We were contracted to help improve their position in the search engines to generate more business.

Initial Challenges

When we first started working on Lockrite Security’s website we noticed a range of serious issues that were harming their position in search engines. Their website was originally developed using Joomla but we migrated them across to WordPress as this was easier to use and could scale as the business grew.

How Did We Help?

With any new SEO campaign, we performed an SEO audit to assess the strengths and weaknesses of their website. When we knew what could be improved, we planned out the development road-map for the website so we could fix issues that were outlined in the website audit.

What Were The Results?

Since helping Lockrite Security with their SEO campaign, their website has received over 30,000 visits from search engines. In the last year Lockrite Security 88% of their monthly traffic comes from search engines. Visits from Google and Bing resulted in visitors staying on the site for well over 5 minutes.

SEO Results

Below are some of the page 1 results we have attained through our SEO campaign. Before we started working with Lockrite Security, they couldn’t be found online for product or service related keywords – now they get hundreds of visits a month without advertising and we can do the same for you.


"We have had a great service from Ben, who we have found to be honest & trustworthy. We will always recommend Lacey Tech solutions, as they have gained great results."

Key Achievements

  • The SEO Campaign resulted in over 30,000 visits from search engines
  • The company’s domain authority (a score between 1 and 10) increased from 0.75 to 5.25, beating their competitors by miles
  • In 24 months the company were ranking number 1 in Google for 140 keyword searches
  • Our content writers worked with Lockrite to research and write blog posts that helped potential customers, including one about home security for the elderly that currently ranks number 1 in Google!
  • We improved their visibility for product and service related searches within a 50 mile radius of their store
  • We worked hard to improve the companies back link profile to gain links from authoritative websites within their industry
  • Our team had regular meetings throughout the campaign to discuss strategy and productive ways forward for the company

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    Fixing issues with the website

    It was clear that the website was under performing in the search results so our team were contracted to provide ongoing Search Optimisation. The first thing we did was perform a website audit for every page in the website to see what could be improved. The report showed that pages had very little content and a small number of internal links to other pages. There was content duplication, poor URL Structure and the website was difficult to update.

    Joomla to WordPress Migration

    After a few meetings with the company directors it was decided that Joomla wasn’t suitable and that WordPress would be a better solution. WordPress was able to provide more features for the company moving forward and was easier to maintain. Our team worked on moving the website and its content from Joomla over to WordPress and we had bi-weekly meetings to discuss the progress and talk over any issues regarding content and site structure.

    As we migrated the content from the Joomla website, we improved and rectified all the on-page SEO issues that were outlined in the website audit. When we were finished the new website was launched and we started monitoring the website using Google Analytics.

    Fixed Site Wide Duplication of Content

    The website could be accessed by entering www.lockritesecurity.co.uk or lockritesecurity.co.uk and there were no redirect rules to force all requests to use www. at the beginning of the URLs. This caused site wide duplicate content issues, which hindered the performance of their website in the search engines.

    Poor URL Structure

    Joomla has a rewriting component that allows for search engine friendly URLs, which is beneficial for search engine optimisation as it allows you to include keywords in your website structure.

    Lockrite’s website did not have this so every page appeared as www.lockritesecurity.co.uk/index.php?component=com_content&id=9&task=view where the id changed for every page in the site. This not only made it difficult for visitors to know where they were in the website but also made it difficult for search engines to correctly index their website.

    Content Writing and Keyword Research

    Before we started working on Lockrite Security’s website, all their search engine traffic came from branded keywords such as, “Lockrite Security” or “Lockrite Security Farnborough” and not for product or service related keywords.

    A great deal of time was invested in keyword research and content writing and after 6 months Lockrite Security saw a steady increase in visitors for product and service related keywords, which resulted in more visitors and website enquiries.

    Mobile -Ready Website

    In 2016 we worked with the team at Lockrite Security to design and build a mobile friendly version of their website. This was setup so the website was responsive – it adapted the content to suit the device being used. This is different to a mobile website in that there was no separate mobile site. This saw a massive improvement in regards to time spent on page, bounce rate and pages per view metrics.

    About Lockrite Security

    Lockrite Security are a family run security company based in Farnborough, Hampshire. They have been established since 1988 when they were simply a locksmiths. Over time they have expanded their product range to include residential and commercial alarm installations, public sector security solutions, access control, locks, safes and roller garage doors. Since helping them with their SEO campaign Lockrite Security have been able to take on a new member of staff.