Flowers Express

Flowers Express contacted us back in 2012 as they needed assistance with the upkeep of their website. We not only maintained their content but we improved their website’s visibility in the search engines.

We have worked with Flowers Express for a number of years focused on improving and maintaining the website’s content and ongoing Search Engine Optimisation. The first few months were spent analysing and fixing technical issues with the website followed by analysing the website’s on-page SEO and backlink analysis.

Initial Challenges

The website was not setup to track visits and there was no way of knowing what pages were driving the most clicks and conversions for his affiliate website. The SEO was incredibly challenging as his website was merely advertising someone else’s products and he got commission on every sale.

How Did We Help?

We setup Google Analytics so we could track visits to the site and see what was working. To beat the competitors we had to be smart and us the clients budget in the most effective way. Once we had vital stats on the website usage it became easier to see patterns and make improvements on a monthly basis.

What Were The Results?

Within 8 months the website saw a staggering 138% increase in unique visitors (an increase of 9,955 visitors). This resulted in a big increase in sales for Flowers Express and their website appeared on page 1 of Google for a range of highly competitive keyword searches.

SEO Results

Below are some of the results we were able to get for Flowers Express while their campaign was active. Due to ill health, the website owner no longer actively maintains the website but some years on, our efforts mean his website still appears on page 1 of search results.

Search Phrase Position (Before) Position (After)
Cheap same day flower delivery 19 1
Cheap next day flower delivery 24 1
Cheap flowers delivered next day 24 1
Cheap flower delivery in Belfast 41 1
Birthday flowers delivered in Belfast 35 5
Cheap flower delivery London 49 2
Next day flower delivery in Camberley 22 4

With Google’s mobile-first ranking and their crackdown on SSL (https) I fear our clients website will slowly be pushed off the first page. With anything it is important that your efforts are maintained if you want to see good long-lasting results.

"Lacey Tech Solutions has been helping me develop my website and improve its position in Google searches. Having used many companies in the past I am pleased to say that Lacey Tech have been the most efficient, most pro-active and conscientious company that I have met in this field. His speed of responses and commitment to achieving results is exceptional and I have no hesitation in recommending him to others."

Key Achievements

  • As a result of the SEO campaign, we saw a 138% increase (9,995 visits) to the website from search engines
  • We were able to get the website ranking on page 1 for competitive terms
  • The campaign focused on building links to the website and improving the domain authority of the website
  • The customer saw a big increase in affiliate earnings as a result of the work we did
  • We improved the setup of the WordPress website and we developed the theme from scratch based on an approved design
  • Our primary aim was to make it easy for the website owner to update the affiliate links and products over time

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    We setup Google Webmaster Tools to keep us informed of any potential SEO issues, such as duplicate content, missing meta data, crawl errors etc. Each month our SEO team fixed all the errors reported in Google Webmaster tools. Most of the issues were with pages that had been deleted or moved so we had to create website redirects so people were sent to the correct content. Having an error free website is beneficial to your users and it’s certainly beneficial to your position in the search engines.

    When reviewing the website we noticed there very little content in the site that was unique. This meant that although the pages had been crawled and indexed by search engines there weren’t appearing within the first page of the search results.

    These pages had been penalised by Google’s Panda algorithm update that focuses with on-page ranking factors. To fix the issue we rewrote the content throughout the website making sure every page was unique and correct for the page. These are just a handful of examples that show the results of our SEO campaign. If you are website is under-performing please feel free to contact us.