How To Write Frequently Asked Questions That Help Customers

Are You Answering Real Customer Questions?

For any small business owner, it is imperative that there is detailed information present and available for potential customers to find online. The most efficient way to share information about your business is through an FAQ page (frequently asked questions).

Many prospects stay as prospects due to the fact they cannot find the answers to questions about your service or product, your price list or any other key facts that might persuade them to spend their money. 

Dedicated FAQ Pages

By having an FAQ page on your website, means that all that information will be in one place. This saves your customers time and also makes it straight forward for them to see the information they require.

You can not only save the customers time but your own. Having an FAQ page means that people don’t necessarily need to call or email you just to ask a question, allowing you to focus your attention on the people who want to buy now. 

Giving your website a personality is a great way to create relationships with your audience. An FAQ page is a perfect place to allow your personality to shine through. You can get creative with how you ask and answer questions whilst still keeping in line with your brand.

In-Page FAQs

We have found that embedding relevant questions into specific pages can improve user experience and keep customers on your site. If you do this, the questions should be related to specific products or services on your website.

You can show the latest customer questions with a link to view your full FAQs page to get the best of both approaches. You should make sure that your answer is thorough and include videos, quotes and links to relevant information.

Google Featured Snippets

Without being necessarily aware, you have most likely seen countless featured snippets from Google when searching for answers to your questions. 

Featured snippets are often referred to as position zero. This is due to the fact that featured snippets take up most of the space on a search results page, and will usually be at the very top of the page. 

Ranking for a featured snippet is a lot more effective for driving visitors to your page. They give you loads of exposure and boost your company’s credibility quicker than most other methods.

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