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Baljot had no prior website design experience before his work experience placement. We focused the first half of week 1 on discussions and training to help him.

The rest of the week he was set tasks to do, which involved competitor research and producing a creative brief, which he did well. He was able to follow the structured tasks we created with minimal assistance. We then reviewed each of the tasks and helped to expand his knowledge.

We thought he did well on the role play phone call given no prior sales experience. The preparation work we did on, ‘what questions to ask a client’ was helpful for him.

Baljot was happy to watch a series of training videos, which helped him learn the basics of Photoshop and Design Fundamentals. He completed 4 short design courses and he learnt a lot from them.

The courses allowed Baljot to get a firmer understanding of the core principles. As the courses were video based and he could watch them at his own pace. This made it easier for him to learn the basics and then my team and I covered things learnt from our extensive experience.

Overall we were happy with the progress Baljot made during the 2 weeks website design work experience. It was a pleasure to work with him and he was polite and took on constructive feedback well.

Great company to work for. Really helped me with my work experience. It was great working with Ben as he taught me a lot of things which really helped.


What Tasks Were Done During The Work Experience?

  • Listing questions to ask a web design client in order to understand their requirements
  • We discussed the importance of asking the right questions and taking good notes
  • A role play phone call where we pretended to be a client looking for a new website. This was to help him get experience of interacting with a prospect clients
  • Baljot was tasked with putting together a creative brief document based on what we taught him. We then reviewed this and went through what could be improved
  • We tasked Baljot with reviewing competitor websites for a client. He had to list what he liked and disliked about each website, and make notes on what is missing from the clients’ website
  • We showed him a website that he would be reviewing. He had to list what he thought should be improved based on his competitor research
  • We discussed the business sales cycle and how this impacts website design. We went through conversion rate optimisation (CRO) and what should be included in modern web pages and blog posts to keep interest
  • Baljot then created an animated banner for a website that showed the clients’ services. Once he had completed the task, we discussed why he chose the fonts and images used
  • We discussed copyright law and what this means for website designers. Why it is important to check image licencing use and what sites are available for professional stock photography.

Work Experience Q&A

What attracted you to gain work experience with Lacey Tech Solutions?
One of my units in m course was website design. I wanted to learn more about the topic and wanted to know how a website is built from nothing to the final product. I didn’t learn this in my unit at college because we were taught how to use the site ‘WIX’ to make the website.

What have you learned during your time with the company?
I have learned many skills during my time working for the company. These include; how to use photoshop for web design, how conversion rates work, what colours look nice together, which fonts are used best in certain places.

These skills are important when designing a website because it will make the website look better and improve the quality. I also learned that creating designs for a parts of any website doesn’t happen in 1 hour, it takes time and commitment.

What have you enjoyed most about working with Lacey Tech Solutions?
I enjoyed the overall experience very much. I enjoyed learning about what makes a website good and what things make the website more enjoyable for the user.

I was given access to some recommended online courses and it helped with me get a better understanding about many areas. This was very helpful because it helped me when I was using Photoshop as I had learnt the skills needed from one of the online courses and learning new things from Lacey Tech.

How did it feel working remotely from home?
I felt comfortable working from home because I was using my own space to work which helped me concentrate better as I knew where all of the things I needed were.

Another good thing about working from home was that I didn’t have any distractions when trying to complete the tasks that I was set. It helped me concentrate and I was able to complete the tasks to the best of my ability.

Was there anything you didn’t enjoy during your work experience?
No, all of it was enjoyable as it was a learning experience for me. I found  some tasks difficult and hard to complete but when I discussed my problems with Ben, he had a solution for me to complete the task without any trouble.

What does a typical day involve as a website designer?
In the morning, I would have a phone call with Ben. This would be to discuss what needs to be done for that day and a little bit of help on how to start out when trying to complete the task.

We would then have a catch up call in the afternoon  so see what progress I had made and I would then receive some constructive feedback on what went well and what needs to be done differently or improved.

I would then complete the task with the improvements done and then have another phone call towards the end of the day to look at the completed task and be given some more feedback.

What impact has Lacey Tech had on your learning and development experience?
Lacey Tech has impacted me in a good way. I have learnt a lot when working for them and I have gained many skills and knowledge about web design.

This will all be helpful in the future as I will know how to do many things when it comes to website design and this will impact the quality of the work I will be able to produce.

Was there anything you found challenging in your role?
Some of the parts from different tasks were a little bit difficult because I didn’t seem to fully understand some parts of the task. I wasn’t afraid to ask Ben and his team when I got stuck on a part because he helped me get through the problem and always showed me a solution.

This was very helpful as it taught me what to do in certain situations and how to solve the problem. How could Lacey Tech Solutions improve for future work experience placements?

How could Lacey Tech Solutions improve for future work experience placements?
I think the way the Lacey Tech Solutions do their work experience is perfect. It teaches you which helps you learn about web design and how to design parts of the website.

Maybe if multiple designers were teaching, it might make it easier as you would get even more feedback and have more improvements to do.

What advice would you give to others looking to gain work experience or a career within Lacey Tech Solutions?
Watch some online courses on how a website is created and learn how to use Photoshop because it will save a lot of time when working with someone like Ben as they won’t have to teach you some parts instead you can just carry on with the work and spend more time on it.

What hobbies do you enjoy?
In my spare time I like to play video games and watch videos on behind the scenes on how games are made. I also learn about game development hoping to create my very own game in the near future. I also like to play basketball and follow some of the games in the NBA.

Do you have a favourite quote?
“Everything negative – pressure, challenges – is all an opportunity for me to rise.”

This is a quote by the basketball legend Kobe Bryant. He was my favourite player for a long time and sadly just passed away. The quote means to never give up on your dreams even if they seem impossible.

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