How Can Your Website Generate More Sales and Enquiries?

Business lead generation is the process of turning website visitors into customers. This is vital for business websites to bring in new revenue streams.

But, how do you ‘win’ customers from search traffic and ensure you maintain visibility and offer the best experience to prospect customers?

It is all about having a clearly defined marketing strategy with goals and key performance indicators. Without a clear strategy and a way of testing and measuring, you won’t be able to analyse and improve.

A professionally designed, mobile-friendly website is the foundation for building an online presence. For many, having a website is their only means of generating business leads and first impressions count.

How to get more website enquiries

This may sound odd, but to get more business enquiries and leads, you have to think like a Fisherman.

  1. Your website – Is your fishing boat, it’s what you need to be successful
  2. Your content and blog articles – Are your fishing lines
  3. Your social media accounts – Are the pond and it’s FULL of fish!

So you could open up an online shop, hang your sign up and then sit and wait for a bite Or you could cast multiple lines, immediately appeal to multiple audiences and basically set out to increase your overall result tenfold from the very start.

Ultimately it doesn’t matter how good your content is or how good you are at using social media to promote it. If you haven’t considered your customers buying cycle then you’re setting yourself up for failure.

By ensuring you have a visually engaging and search ready website, you will have done the best that you can to ensure that the fundamentals on which to build yourself a solid web presence have been explored, considered and acknowledged.

Diversify your marketing to increase lead generation

Another way to look at it is if you owned a flower shop and wanted to sell as many flowers as possible every day. You would first make sure to decorate the windows with your best sellers right?

You would try to make it look stunning and maybe even get out onto the street to beckon some people inside? You wouldn’t just hang a cardboard sign in the window that reads “Flowers for Sale“, patiently waiting for someone to walk in and buy something!

You have to be proactive and not reactive, so establishing that ranking for ‘Flower Shop London’ could be a win for your business and then going away and creating content to cater for your audience would establish credibility.

You need to think about the longer-term goals and about a wider variety of marketing channels that can drive traffic and new business to your website.

  • 5 sought after summer bloomers!
  • 3 ways to prolong the life of your potted plants!
  • 10 exotic plants we bet you didn’t know you could grow!

By presenting information in the form of questions and by offering users greater diversity and depth with your content. This ensures you not only rank for all of your ‘target keywords’, but also secondary keywords.

You can then monitor what keyword searches improve your lead generation and get more website enquiries.

The trick to staying ahead is not actually a trick at all…

People often complain that ‘Google always changes the rules’, and it’s a fair question. The thing to remember here is Google has ALWAYSchanged its algorithms and that will never change.

By building a website that focuses on your prospect customers you are more likely to increase website enquiries. Keeping the website optimised for search engines is a continual task but its a worthy investment.

The issue is when ‘SEO specialists’ use techniques that go against Google’s best practices. This gives short-term ranking improvements and puts your website at risk of a penalty.

When Google reviews your website through its algorithms or a manual review is done, you will find the website is penalised and your rankings will drop overnight. This is why it is important to find the right SEO company – look at past work and speak to their customers.

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