Do Websites Need Regular Maintenance?

A few weeks ago a client ask us why regular maintenance was needed for their website. This prompted us to answer the question in the hope it helps others.

With continual maintenance your website runs smoothly and remains operational without errors. This isn’t something you should ignore if you want your business to succeed online.

Regular security updates will help prevent software vulnerabilities and having a regular backup schedule will help ensure your website’s content can be quickly restored when needed.

Essential Website Maintenance

  • Make regular website backups – Backups of your site are essential should you run into problems or find your website has been hacked
  • Check the website for broken links – Adding links to other pages of your site is encouraged as it keeps visitors on the website
  • Update website plugins and software – Website software like WordPress, Magento or Drupal are continually being updated and improved. Applying updates keeps the website secure and gives you access to new features

What Does Our Website Maintenance Include?

Lacey Tech Solutions performs website maintenance on a monthly basis and this typically includes the following tasks:

  • Monitoring the security of your website and fixing any potential issues
  • Monitoring your website and fixing issues that could harm your search engine optimisation efforts
  • Checking your website in different devices (mobiles and tablets) to make sure your content is accessible on all devices
  • Resolving search engine crawl errors with the website. Crawl errors include fixing broken links, incorrect website redirects or technical issues that would prevent search engines correctly indexing your website
  • Checking the website for broken links to pages on your website and external sites
  • Helping to solve and monitor website compatibility with the latest web browsers
  • Backing up your website regularly to ensure your website can be restored if required
  • Updating the website software and plugins to the latest versions

What Are The Benefits of Regular Website Maintenance?

Visitors stay on your site longer
If your website is well maintained and you take the time to fix broken links then you will find that visitors are more likely to stay on your website for longer – increasing the chances of them contacting you

Improved Search Engine Optimisation
If you keep on top of SEO errors and resolve them quickly then your website will be in a stronger position than your competitors, which is especially important for businesses who rely on their website for generating new business.

Better security and compatibility
If your website is running the latest version of your content management system (WordPress, Joomla etc) and you’ve made sure your plugins are always up to date is a good way to minimise any potential security vulnerabilities.

Better user experience
If your website is mobile friendly then its important to periodically check your site using mobiles and tablets to ensure new content is displayed correctly. Doing this will mean your website is better equipped to meet the needs of your users.

Keep website downtime to a minimum
If you continually monitor your website for potential issues it will help ensure your website experiences very little downtime. Adding new features to your website could stop other areas of your website from working correctly, which is why its important to test new features properly before making them live.

If you have a website that is need of some tender loving care, simply get in touch.

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