What To Look For When Hiring An SEO Specialist

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Every small business wants to produce organic traffic from Google. Online search engine optimisation, or SEO, is a cost-efficient tool for increasing your brand’s presence on the search engines.

The best method to get your small business noticed on the search engines is to hire a local SEO service provider. After all, they’re the experts in their field. What must you look for when you’re working with an SEO consultant or local SEO Services.

We’ve put together a list of things to search for in an SEO expert, to help you to make the best choice for your small business.

What To Review When Hiring An SEO Specialist

We found out then that the most significant problem companies face when working with online marketing “experts” is that everybody claims they can do it.

It’s easy to state it and I’m sure if you had to hire someone, you understand what I’m talking about. Reality is, extremely few truly can provide on what they guarantee.

When interviewing for any position in the online marketing industry, every prospect will have a good CV and will say they can do the job. Unless you know how to make certain they are certified, you truly will not understand if they can do it or not.

Review Past SEO Case Studies

The finest method to inspect that an SEO contractor actually is a service provider in their field is to request for examples of their successes. An experienced SEO consultant will be more than happy to share past case studies to show their competence.

You can verify this on your own by looking for the companies they’ve dealt with to examine that you can find them in the rankings claimed. Run among their previous client sites through a Search Engine Optimisation Audit Tool and carry out some Google searches related to the sites web content.

Over Promising SEO Results

Look out for SEO consultants who over promise what they can deliver. It’s difficult to ensure very first page search engine rankings for the most competitive keyword phrases without putting months and even years of work into your SEO. As a rule of thumb, if anything seems too good to be true then it very likely is. Always do a Google search to verify what you are being told.

Past SEO Experience

It goes without saying that an SEO contractor need to be experienced in their field, however several of them claim to be experts without the years of experience to back it up.

SEO is a fast-changing market which can be difficult to stay up to date with, so you wish to be sure that you’re choosing a legitimate professional. Ask your SEO professional for how long they’ve been in business, along with qualifications they’ve achieved and how they maintain to date with new developments in SEO.

What To Do Before Interviewing SEO Candidates

Identify Job Responsibilities BEFORE You Publish The Job

It’s your responsibility to identify the duties they hold and the objectives you want them to achieve Whenever you work with someone. When they require to do it, you can’t properly work with for a position if you don’t know. If you aren’t doing that, you aren’t certified to talk to a candidate or make the hire, it’s as simple as that.

When hiring for SEO professional, the terms we used were:

  • An excellent copywriter with strong writing and researching skills. Experience with WordPress is required.
  • Excellent communication abilities, specifically through Zoom conference calls, phone calls, screen shares and e-mail.
  • The capability to design and build comprehensive weekly and monthly SEO reports.

Interview Each Candidate To Ensure They Are Qualified

This is where you separate the candidates who say they can from the ones who really can. Here’s a list of questions we ask prospects that usually shows their understanding and knowledge.

  • Please share 3 past or current SEO case studies: List the URLs of 3 website’s you have actually optimized, list the tasks of what you did, over what period of time and what the outcomes were.
  • Take an appearance at our site and inform us 3 on-site SEO methods we might execute to enhance it.
  • What keywords do you believe we should target for a particular page and why?
  • Should you begin as our SEO professional, what do you anticipate to accomplish in the first 3 and 6 months?
  • How do you remain on top of SEO news, updates and patterns?

Where Can You Hire SEO Freelancers?

Job Boards – These are a great place to source SEO talent. The most popular boards vet all freelancers in their database, which saves you a lots of time and can help get rid of unqualified prospects.

  • https://www.upwork.com
  • https://www.fiverr.com
  • https://peopleperhour.com (affiliate link?)

Social Media – This is now playing a huge role in the recruitment process, assisting businesses source top skill. If you’re trying to find some of the best SEO freelancers, you’ll make sure to find them on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit and Facebook. Make sure to consist of a suitable hashtag (eg: #SEOCompany #SEOConsultant #SEOFreelancers) when you publish.

Browse Google – Most SEO professionals have websites to display their work, and if they practice what they preach, their sites must rank high up on Google for their keywords (like SEO freelancer and other LSI keywords).

If you’re looking for Search Engine Optimisation experts, a casual Google search can help you find professionals you can have confidence in with your small service SEO job.

If you want one who’s based in your locality, you can simply google “SEO Consultant +Farnborough” to bring up results of the very best local SEO consultants in Farnborough.


Hiring a local SEO professional is an excellent way to increase your website rankings on search engines such as Google and Bing. It’s essential that you ask the right questions during the interview so that you make sure you’re hiring the right SEO consultant for your business.

You can find example SEO questionnaires online to help you plan what questions you should be asking prospects.

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