Website Development

Getting Started With Multilingual E-commerce Websites

A multilingual e-commerce website is a great way to attract more users and it comes with several advantages without huge infrastructure requirements. It has become a powerful solution for modern websites. You can’t afford to ignore the opportunity to improve the user experience of your E-Commerce Website and boost your conversion rates. Imagine your proud …

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The Future Of Website Design and Development

Did you know that Internet technologies are evolving at much faster rate compared with consumer technology? It was estimated that by 2020 there would be over 5 billion people using the Internet, as developing countries will witness the biggest growth. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning With this great growth of the internet, a huge development …

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Is Drupal The Right Platform For My Website?

Drupal is built with data in mind and with modules allowing you to add all sorts of content and ease-of-use tools to your website. Being able to change the content of a site is different to being able to grow the website. Drupal can allow you to add entirely new features and functionality pre or post launch. The Drupal project team are one of the most dedicated and they use an orderly, easy-to-use process to allow anyone to submit an issue with any site or module.

Using The Raspberry Pi For Web Development

Last week Raspberry Pi launched a fantastic new website that really helps showcase their innovative and thought provoking product called the Raspberry Pi. This article introduces the new website, the Raspberry Pi and provides links to help you get into web development using your Pi.

Why do websites need regular maintenance?

A few weeks ago I had a client ask me why on-going maintenance was needed for their website. This prompted me to put together this post answering my clients question in the hope that it helps other people understand the importance of keeping their website in good working order.