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Website Lead Generation For Small Business

This is a question that has troubled website owners for many years now. How do you win in search traffic and ensure you maintain visibility and offer the very best experience to your users? It is all about great marketing and by that I mean good old fashioned marketing, and that starts with building yourself a great website.

What Business Owners Need To Know About Facebook Reactions

There is a real benefit of getting more Facebook reactions, as we have stated, but real emotional reactions have greater long-term benefit for the business. You can use Facebook insights to check not only how many reactions you get on individual posts. The point is that you need to focus on the emotional reaction as opposed to just informative content if you want to win Reactions. Videos and pictures that share a story are going to get more reactions than text posts.

5 Time Saving Tips For Social Media Success

If you haven’t used a social media scheduling tool before we hope our shortlist will get you started! For small business, time is precious so we’ve listed 5 time saving tips to help you get the most out of social media without it taking hours! If your social media is really stressing you out, you can hire external marketeers that will take over the running of your social media on your behalf.

10 Ways You Can Promote Your Company Blog

Below is a list of strategies that I actively use to help you promote your blog and get more visitors to your website. Most of these steps can be done within a few minutes, which is ideal for busy business owners. Just setting aside 10/15 minutes after writing a new blog post will put in you good stead.

Should You Buy Social Media Engagement?

Buying social media engagement can be a controversial topic, due to its seemingly unnatural way of business promotion. In our opinion buying followers and likes is unethical, deceptive and it undermines consumer trust. Long-lasting business relationships are built on trust and by purchasing fake followers you are essential lying to your customers, which could do more harm than good.

Twitter’s Profile Redesign Now Available To Activate

On the 8th April, Twitter announced that they are making their new profile redesign available to everyone on Twitter.
The new features include; larger text, image and a profile that is customized to your liking. It is designed to be more user friendly. Find out more about what’s changed and how you can activate the new profile in this article.

How Can You Promote Your Business on Google+?

Who wants to join another social network, right? Don’t get me wrong, I think there are too many social sites out there, but Google Plus is different. In this article I discuss the top tips to empower your business marketing using Google Plus and how to use these tips for your own business.

Facebook Introduces Verified Pages

Yesterday Facebook announced that it was introducing Verified Pages for businesses and high-profile Facebook accounts to help Facebook users distinguish between official and fake pages on their social network.

In this article we dive into the details about the new verification update and how it will benefit your user experience!

4 Steps To Improve Your Facebook Business Page

It has been one year since you launched your Facebook page and you still have a very low number of likes but most importantly none of your fans are talking about your brand – how can you improve your Facebook business page? Here are some simple tips you can follow.