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Google Introduces Digital Services Tax For PPC Marketing

In April 2020, a Digital Services Tax (DST) was introduced for businesses offering different online services. This included things like search engines, social media and online marketplaces. The aim was to help regulate the currently unregulated digital industry. Fast forward a few months, and Google made an important announcement. They said that they would make …

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49% of Google Searches Result In No Website Clicks

49% of Google searches result in no clicks to websites. This is the shocking statistic that could see many online businesses fail if they don’t adapt. Google’s mission is to optimise all online information and display the best at the top. Their second aim is to provide users with answers to their searches, be this in the form of a product carousel, news carousel, company details, frequently asked questions or a train times listing.

The REAL Cost of Bad SEO

This article discussed what bad website optimisation looks like and how this can affect your website. You can find out how to hire a good seo company, and what questions you should ask them. As well as knowing what to look out for, you should also know how to spot a rogue SEO company. If you’re unsure of what you need to avoid, we detail the outdated SEO practices that should be avoided.