About Us

Lacey Tech Solutions are pleased to have been given the award for Best Website Development & SEO Agency 2019!

Lacey Tech Solutions are an enthusiastic web development company with over 12 years experience in the industry.

Solving today’s marketing problems

Our customers include individuals, businesses owners, charities and agencies throughout the UK and abroad. We have generated more awareness and enquiries for them by improving their websites and helping them with an ongoing marketing campaign. We are adaptable to the individual needs of our clients, for their progression into the national or international markets.

Meet The Team


Website Developer

Dom was the first work experience placement we took on. We were so impressed that we offered him a part-time placement and he has now worked with us for several years.

He has worked on several projects and WordPress websites since working with us. We spent a lot of time helping him understand some more advanced development best practices.


Web Server Administrator

Christopher is our Server Administrator who is involved in maintaining and improving our website hosting setup. Having been in the technology industry for over 10 years’ Christopher knows many different ways to solve any problem.

His core strengths are in Linux Server administration, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Online Security, Apache, NGINX, Database Administration, Server High Availability and Varnish cache.


Graphic Designer and Developer

Greg has been a professional graphic designer with over 5 years experience and specialises in Logo Design but also loves to dabble in Web Design! He is a lover of dogs and sports.

He also likes to donate some of his free time to walk dogs that are up for adoption at local kennels. He plays football, basketball and is a regular gym goer (well, he has a membership at least)!


Website Developer

Kirsty obtained a Computer Science degree from The University of Stirling in 1992. After 23 years as a professional website developer and independent consultant. With experience across a wide range of industries and with many technologies, learning new tools is part of her daily life.

Concentrating on quality of work and directly with clients she is able to produce the solutions they need. Kirsty is a fully rounded development consultant, capable of the full project life cycle – from gathering user requirements through design and development to post-deployment bug-fixing and enhancements. In her spare time, she enjoys making music and sailing.


Content Writer

As a full-time copywriter, Laura has many years experience of content writing and social media marketing. She can write content for websites, blogs and press releases in a tone that’s right for your audience. She also provides content for printed material, sales letters, emails campaigns and news articles.

Laura regularly has articles published on Huffington Post and other online resource sites. If content is your voice to the world then she can make sure you’re heard loud and clear.


Managing Director

Ben is the managing director of Lacey Tech Solutions, which he started after seeing companies failing to deliver on their promises. He’s seen website owners picking up the pieces when developers have left them in the lurch, or companies have failed to deliver a website that fits the needs of the website owner.

He studied Web Design and Business through College and completed his development degree with a First. Several years later he left the comfort of his full-time development job and started his business with the sole aim of delivering high-quality work and helping businesses grow.

How Can We Help You?

We pride ourselves on our high quality work and the results we achieve for our customers. We have worked in numerous industries spanning several countries.

We build professional, long-lasting relationships with our clients and work closely to grow their business online. We turn their ideas into viable business solutions that help them stand apart from the competition.

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